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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The best laid plains???

For some people getting away as a couple is an easy thing. They have tons of people who will watch their kids and they have tons of weekends when it is possible to do. When my husband and I get away its like an amazing feat. We have his two daughters who are 14yrs and 16 yrs and we have to make plans for when they are not with us and make sure that there is nothing going on at church, or school functions etc. It takes a lot of planning and people to make it work.

Celebrating our seven year anniversary this past weekend was one of those difficult things to do. We spend a long time finding out places to stay, my husband is very much a romantic and he spends a great deal of time planning out each event.

This past Thursday night I sent a little girl to bed with watery eyes which in my Mother's heart sent off an alarm. I was awakened at 3am to a "barking seal" and even though my Ellie doesn't have asthma the doctor has informed us that using a nebulizer will help clear her airway and that is better than putting her in a shower. As all of you know that use albuterol for your little ones it makes them quite a bit hyper so I got to watch the sun come up with my Ellie who then finally went to sleep. Normally this would not be to big of a deal except for one this day we were to go on our "getaway" and there was even pancakes being prepared for her and Trey at the babysitters. WE sent her to the sitters house who thought it was no big deal (don't think I would have been that gracious) and then we called the doctor who could see her around 2pm. Three hours later (now mind you we were supposed to be out of town hours ago) we are finally headed down the road to glorious, "quiet" Weston. AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm picturing quiet restaurants, cute shops and my glorious bed and breakfast.

We arrive in Weston, check into our lovely B&B and proceed to walk around the quiet town and walk up the hill to the lovely and oh so quaint restaurant. We walk in and find it to be quite full. She informs us that she only has two tables left due to the "wine dinner" they are having. WE have heard that this restaurant is divine and the table in the corner looked quite inviting. As soon as we sat down I could hear the loud diners but ever the positive one (ha ha ha) I tried to think that surely since we were in there that they would try to be quieter? NOPE!! that wasn't the case! These people were so loud that I had to literally shout at my husband so that he could hear anything. We started talking about what they were talking about because they were so loud we couldn't even seem to be able to think clearly to come up with a conversation of our own. It was insane. Our meal itself was fantastic but my head was splitting and I was ready to LEAVE and to leave now!!!! So, we paid quickly and left and walked down the hill so glad that the "rude, loud people" that had pretty much ruined our dinner were back at the restaurant. WE looked at all the lovely stores we would go to the next day and decided to walk back to our B&B and sit in the gardens. As we rounded the corner we "heard" the rude people that we had just left in the restaurant and felt sorry for the people that would be staying at the same place as them. We started walking back and realized that they were staying at the same place that we were! My husband didn't want to believe me he was shocked that loud people like that would even WANT to go to a B&B. WE quickly went to our rooms and they were right above us (they had BOTH rooms) and were running up and down the stairs yelling for each other to come look at each others toilets (it was actually quite laughable) My husband and I realized then and there we couldn't stay there and we picked up our bags and decided to load the car and then after we would go speak to the owner. WE did just that and as we were talking/apologizing to the owner two of the youngest members of the party decided to stand and listen to what I was saying on their balcony. The poor owner was distraught and as we left of course gave us a refund and then we were yelled at by the "lovely" ladies standing on the balcony listening to us. Saying things like"maybe you should come over here and talk to us if you have a problem!" Yes, I'm sure that that would have ended quite well don't you???

The drive home my husband was quite distraught. He was angry. WE had given up a night with his daughters to go away, we had worked it out with a babysitter who even kept Ellie who was suffering from severe allergies and we had spend so much time trying to find the "perfect" place. He was truly beside himself. We finally got back to our home town and pulled to a quiet street to take a walk since hopefully that would calm him and he pulls out the white lighted box. Since we own a jewelry store I recognize our boxes and what type of jewelry is in every single box and this I knew was a ring box but he had just said that we would be frugal (that wasn't frugal!) He produced a lovely chocolate diamond ring and put it on my finger and then told me how that he had had that planned completely differently in giving that to me and it didn't involve a car or a walking trail. I loved it just the same and enjoyed our walk as I tried to look at my ring (because by now it was dark)

The rest of the weekend had some minor glitches but for the most part was a lovely time of being together. For most people your anniversary is just a little something. For us it is birthday, anniversary, almost christmas rolled into one. Since we own our own business I don't get Saturdays with my husband. WE don't get to take the kids pumpkin picking together (fall is the busiest time of year) and Christmas season we don't really see Daddy until Christmas Eve. That's just how it is when you own your own business so for us anniversaries are a very BIG deal.

Looking back it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. It seems annoying but that's all but to us it seemed like a very HUGE ordeal since last year around the same time we encountered a similar experience. WE were beginning to think that we were cursed. We finally decided that Satan was working very hard to try and ruin our "yearly" getaway. That he is displeased by our home staying together and the two of us staying committed to each other. It seems that so many couple are being attacked in the church and it is hard sometimes to get away and there are things that come up that make it so easy to say "we just can't get away right now" but I would encourage everyone to take time out for just the two of you. To really try to spend time with one another. To "fall in love" again!

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