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Monday, August 16, 2010

Today I feel like screaming!

Recently I have become annoyed. I think I write that way to often.....I'm annoyed, people are annoying, that driving is annoying, those people are using bad words that's annoying....me writing annoying is ANNOYING!!!!! STOP!!!!!

I know that I have touched on serving in our church many times and for the most part it has been about myself but lately I've been down again and it frustrates me that it seems so easy to discourage me. Why is that?

We had a military carnival at our church a few weeks ago. It was a fun time for all that were there. I enjoyed clowning and stencil facepainting (you see I'm not quite good enough to go free hand). I walked around with balloons and scared one child but for the most part all went well. I even had a lady come up to me that is a frequent customer of ours who recognized my voice but obviously not me and was laughing at my appearance and couldn't believe it was me and as a clown we take that as a GREAT compliment!!!!

Later that evening as my husband was asking me how things went and I told him well and we reached twenty families etc. I began to think of the people that were there helping at the carnival and I realized......it was the same people who seem to always help at lots of events. Why is that? Why is it that the same people seem to serve? Where is the rest of the church? Now I'm not trying to make those that weren't at the military carnival feel bad....I understand that NOT everyone was free that night. My point is why is it that some get the "call" of serving while so many in our churches do not? As I say this please know that I struggle with this myself. I am by no means the perfect example of serving but I truly do want to know why servants in our churches are so hard to find. When I do serve I'm so happy to be with God's people doing what God commanded us to do that I wonder why in heavens name I took so long to do it in the first place.

I have made the same excuses that everyone makes: too tired, no one to watch my Ellianna, why do I always have to be the one? I'm not very good at this and then of course there is the "Eyeore" complex "Probably no one will notice if I do it or not, probably just mess it up?" Trust me, no one could have made a bigger stink that I did with burnt popcorn when I said that I would help make popcorn for the church block party (just so you know this year they put me with cotton candy, I'll let you know how that turns out!)

In saying all this I become frustrated again but realizing that it wasn't so long ago that I was the one just sitting on the pew not willing to serve, not willing to do anything. I had hurt feelings and almost felt that people "owed" me and until my "appreciated bank" was filled I was not going to do anything for the church. I was there and that was enough and hard enough for me to do.

It is so easy to not put yourself out there, to not try and make connections with people. I have come back from church functions very discouraged, wondering why the "Segrist" family is never good enough, never measure up (this is all in my head of course, why no one ever saves me a seat at ladies functions (how many people do I save a seat for?) but that is when Satan does his best work. Takes a small something and blows it up in your head to keep you away from God's people and God's work.

I'm not trying to preach at anyone just telling you what is on my heart. I'm busy, your busy, we all are insanely busy but we as a body of believers must come together to serve our fellow church members and our community.

I have had people say to me "well its just not fun to do that." Your right, changing dirty diapers in nursery is not on my favorite things to do list, clowning is way more fun but clowning take work and effort, singing in church takes practice and time, preparing sunday school lessons takes energy and organization but imagine if no one did these things! Imagine if everyone had the attitude of "let someone else who is more qualified do it!"

Every Sunday for the past year God has been working on my heart to play a piano solo for church. My excuse..."It's to formal for our church,I've done my time growing up playing piano in church, what if I mess up?" These are all GREAT excuses but seriously they are STILL just excuses.

No matter how busy I am, no matter how insanely busy life becomes may I always be willing to serve and may others in our church and your church be willing to serve one another and with one another because that is when we will truly grow in Christ. Building each other up and building strong lines of accountability as we walk together down the road of life. May the Lord be praised!

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  1. Love you Jamie! Many will be called but only a few answer...those who serve are extra blessed!