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Sunday, August 22, 2010

With Smiling Faces!

This morning I woke up for church fifteen minutes late...not a big deal unless you have a FAMILY to get ready for church!!! So, I'm behind, my Ellie wakes up 45 min early AND my husband has to be at church even earlier than 7:30 because he has to practice which gives me two more children to make sure look suitable for church!

SOOOO, here I am with children ranging in age from sixteen to three and only two of the four cooperating, one rolling eyes because after all I said she HAD to eat breakfast and change her clothes. One three year old taking ALL the time in the world and singing as we are TRYING to get out of the house VERY fast!!!!! So, I'm saying GRRRRRRR and we pull up to church along with fifteen million other people who must have had the same kind of morning I DID!!!!

So, we get to church late and we enter our chairs as another family on the other side (who was visiting I might add) and obviously there isn't enough room for ALL of us so I send the teenagers to the teen side and the ten year old off to Kids of the Kingdom Room and then Ellianna is dancing ALL over the place while I'm trying to remain calm and cool and not let anyone know I'm ANNOYED!!!!So then I have to take her to nursery and my husband is playing in the praise band and we are singing the song "Lord, I'm amazed by you" It felt wrong to start singing as horrible as I felt inside. I was annoyed..why in the world did the children have to be so difficult? I hate being LATE I like to get my bearings together before starting into worship and here I am almost done with worship and I'm soooooooo wanting to say "DO OVER!!!" Can I start this day again? Satan was having a TIME with me. In the early morning hours he had gotten me so off track that I couldn't even get my focus right to be able to sing His praises. It was laughable for me to start singing praises, it felt wrong for me to just start singing as if nothing had happened to make my attitude a great big GRRRRRR.

What is so funny to me as I write this is the fact that I truly honestly thought I was fooling God? Like he didn't realize I was having a very bad, no good day and nothing had even happened that was serious like..flat tire, car accident, house broken into.....nothing just little annoyances and I was flat DONE WITH IT ALREADY! Why was it so easy to get me off track?

I decided to push away the Grrrrr thoughts and concentrate on what God was trying to teach me. I had had a very BAD week and I was emotionally spent and spiritually hungry. As I allowed the healing powers of God and His people to flow over me (sounds like I'm insane doesn't it?) I realized how healing being in the house of God with God's people truly is. It was like balm to my soul today. I felt re-energized, reborn, ready to tackle the world again. Frustrated, yes but.....able to keep going, to keep fighting.

Today was our block party and I will have you all know that I did NOT burn ANYTHING that I learned how to make cotton candy quite well and even was told I did quite well (yes I realize that they were encouraging me after my fiasco with....the popcorn...yes, I looked longingly at it today as I realized I should never be allowed to touch it again!!!!) I enjoyed being with my church family....even though it was 114 degrees outside (yes I exaggerate but seriously it was hot) It was exactly what I needed after the week of emotions that I have had. Being in the house of the Lord with His people (I guess we should learn to get along since we will be with each other for eternity).

I also enjoyed NOT being Miss Dot today and being able to enjoy the block party with my Ellianna. It was an extra special blessing to watch her ride ponies, face painting and all the wonderful things that come with childhood. It was a GREAT day!

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