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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting back to the SIMPLE!

Today my husband was home its his one day off and they will be few and far between in the next month. Owning an old home we have lots of projects that will probably never stop but I still very much love this home and like that my husband helps make it "perty".

The weather was wonderful today, my Ellianna "got" her preschool lessons today. Our counting has come so much further! I can't believe after all the money that I spent on curriculum my favorite thing that I bought was a set of seven books for $19.95 from the Amish community that gives her everything she needs from the Rod and Staff publishing company...it made me think...the "basics" is what everyone needs to get back to. Her workbooks are simple but she "gets" them and funny....they still teach the SAME things that her other ones do but in a much "simpler" way. It made me kind of think about other things as being "simple." I wonder what else I could make simple...

Well, about four years ago we did the Dave Ramsey thing and even though I grumbled constantly about "the envelopes" I have come to love my envelopes. There is "safety" in those envelopes. When the envelopes are empty it tells me that we are "done". No more groceries, no more movies, no more clothes until the next time the envelopes are filled...so SIMPLE but yet....do I always do it that well???? I try very hard to but I must confess not always. I look longingly at the kitchen tables (yes, I know would I just be quiet about that already!) and the lovely patio furniture but my "envelope" is still empty there was a tree that had to be cut down and a window that was broken and...you get the idea.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if we could go back to the simple. Do you all remember simple? I do! I was about six and the biggest problem I had at that time was that my Mom made me wear a shirt and brush my hair (yes, I wasn't always the prim and proper person you see before you...QUIT laughing!) but my parents taught us to live within our means, she canned our food, she even went on a bit of a health kick where we got goats and got to name them that was fun for awhile until I realized we had to drink the goats milk....YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!! However, they taught me to work in the garden and run a thingy bopper that plows the ground and I could even run a tractor (yep yep yep) but somehow along the way life got yucky and complicated and downright hard.

Lately, I've started purging a lot from my life: bad food (no chips or twinkies here folks!) bad music, television is very limited, and trying to only buy what we NEED as far as clothing and other things (yeah, gonna be awhile on that one sister!) so as I work towards the "simple" and the purging that must be done may I also look at the spiritual purging and when all of that comes together wouldn't that be.....oh SOO SIMPLE!!!!!! Can everyone say AHHHHHHHHH! Makes you want to put your toes in the dirt right now right??? Ok, maybe NOT that simple!

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