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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What am I doing????

I'm not going to go into detail because I don't want my children to hate me when they grow up but I will just tell you that so far today has been one of those days that I just wonder WHAT AM I DOING???

Teaching Ellie today was great! Watching her learn to use scissors is fun even though she still tries to do it with both hands. Trying to get her to learn her lessons and count properly at times I wonder when I will break through. Then she will recite a poem on one of the letters that we are reviewing??? Crazy!

Then there is my dear Trey. I have a schedule and I have consequences but it seems today was the day he wanted to test me and all I could think of wanting to do is making his voice be silent. I was wishing I had a mute button controller that worked for his mouth but there isn't such a thing...YET! I hate ten...I hate that he is slowly pulling away from me and that is the natural course of things in becoming a man pulling away from your Mother but at the same time I won't stand for disrespect! I won't stand for the "Eyore complex" and my personal favorite "It's not MY fault!" Trying to teach children to take responsibility for their actions and to understand boundaries seems to me to be the hardest part of parenting.

Hoping and praying that they will follow those things when your not looking. How do we know that they get it? Why do some children seem to "get it" while others don't speak, or speak to much and you never seem to get through??

What is the magic potion for getting through to our kids. I keep reminding myself that three months ago I thought Ellianna would never learn to go potty....now we don't even think about it. I also try to remember the good things that my children do hoping and praying that they are doing for "heart" reasons not because they hope that everyone can see them and doing it for man's glory.

Praying for Mommies today and especially those that have chosen to home school. Today......I am discouraged....I know that it will be o.k. but inside I'm saying "GRRRRRRRR!" Why can't they understand I'm trying to save them from difficulties???


  1. You are doing something great for your kids-keep it up!

  2. Every Mommy has those days. . .when bedtime can't come fast enough.
    His mercies are new every morning-Thank the Lord for Do Overs!!
    Keep pressing on Jamie, you're doing a great job!