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Monday, October 4, 2010


I have a funny little tidbit that was shared in our connection group today and wanted to get your thoughts on this.

It seemed that some of the men in our class couldn't understand why the women in the class didn't let the children do chores. Basically, these men were stuck helping or the wife was doing all of them and they didn't understand why we weren't letting the children do them.

As for me and my house the children have separate jobs:Trey vacuums both floors, waters flowers, carries in all groceries, takes care of the dog and helps with laundry. He also mowes the back yard. When the girls aren't here he takes all the laundry down in the morning and separates it and changes all the trashes in the house and takes it out. He can also do the dishwasher, run the clothes dryer and his favorite job is picking up doggy do! When the girls are here they do the trash and laundry. On top of this my children are all responsible for the beds being made WELL not just any old way and there is to be no clothing on the floor etc. I'm very picky about this.

Now, I realize that i don't let them really help with too much in the cleaning part but that is where the disagreement began. I believe that in some cases when I don't have the time that actually doing it myself is faster. My husband disagrees on this part. He thinks that i should make them do it for the sake of "teaching" them the skill. Helping them to be able to run a home someday. However, there are days that i'm just like I can't possibly take the time to show my child how to do this. When I do the bathroom looks horrible or the laundry didn't get put away correctly so its easier to do it ourselves and grumble rather then teaching our children.

So, those of you who have gone through this and come out on the other side I would like to hear from you. Those of you who let your kids do everything I'm intrigued by you and would like to know your secrets. Please, I'm very serious. We as women in connection want to know you thoughts! I'll be waiting!

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  1. Ok, I'll jump in.

    For the record; in the beginning stages it does take a bit longer for the teaching to happen. And yes, there are mishaps and mistakes made that need to be realized. (Look at those as opportunities for grace and mercy to be exampled, along with forgivness.) But yes, we allow our girls to do things that most would consider too much for young laidies their age.

    Laundry is the latest task to be taken over by one and then cleaning the bathroom top to bottom the other. Yes, it does take checking it and redirecting efforts, but after a short while the task is theirs.

    Assigning chores to the kids is not a time saving goal for me. My attitude toward the tasks I'm responsibile for is not just to 'get it done and in a hurry' and if I do, I know my two daughters will pick up on that in a hurry. (You know, if Mama isn't happy...) To keep MYSELF in check, I have to approach it as a learning in practical application; and we don't rescue them out of a circumstance but help them when they ask. We apply idea: Often children are given far too many answers than questions to figure out. They long to please us, just as I long to please God too---and with teaching, direction and if needed, discipline---the sense of accomplishment and responsibility is priceless to them, and to us as parents.