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Monday, October 25, 2010

How do you homeschool more than one?

I stand in awe at many of you homeschool Mom's out there that have more than one that you homeschool. In particular I think of you that have four children and wonder HOW in the world you do it? I am coping o.k. with doing preschool with Ellianna and teaching Trey but wondering how I will do as Ellianna gets older?

For now when we get up in the morning Trey has his subjects that he is able to do on his own while I do morning chores etc and get Ellianna ready for the day. Then, we switch over to me checking all that he has done for the day then he does some chores and piano while I do preschool with Ellianna. Then its time for lunch and "recess" and then I do English, creative writing, history, and grammar with Trey and review Latin but I am totally wondering what I will do when Ellianna is ready for more in about two years. How will I have time to clean or cook or ANYTHING at all?

Any opinions or suggestions or schedules as to what you all do will be appreciated.

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