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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If Your Happy and You Know It...Say....?

Today was a day that I had to laugh. Ellianna chose to make today....interesting! First she decided that she would use the facilities and then...well the details are still sketchy but she had a huge wad of WET toilet paper in the sink! YEs, after I quit yelling and using hand sanitizer like it was going out of style it was time for ballet! AT ballet Elliana decided that she was still feeling out of sorts and basically LONG story short BOTH of her teachers had to take turns holding hands with her to keep her FOCUSEd and only the threat of the "hand stamp" not being able to be had was the only thing keeping her on track. As we returned home and had lunch and preschool and then nap I noticed that upon entering her bedroom that she had decided to pour her apple carrot juice ALL over her Hello Kitty clock that is....in her defense a tea cup...yep...the poor thing NEVER had a chance. She stood there in tears as I threw it in her trashcan not understanding that since the clock now just blinked and blinked and said that it was 0:14 that there MIGHT be a problem!

After all of that and finishing up school with Trey and giving three piano lessons and dinner, laundry, and now working on bills for the store and then of course Ellianna's bath etc I just kept thinking to myself...am I getting through the day or am I enjoying, able to laugh, able to take in EVERY moment?

For the most part I am very content. I like being home with my children and being able to teach them. I like my small town and our church and I really am quite content but do I savor every moment? Do I take in the "little" things like I should or does it take something BIG to stir me up to make me understand and see that. After someone close to us passes away we remember, we stop and think about the "little things" I know I used to. AFter Ron died I remember crying on the way home every night around five because I knew that would be when he used to come home and I knew he wasn't....he wasn't coming. Even now as I look at the sunset I think about all the fathers, sons, who aren't coming home......but now....now I don't want to remember all that I want to only think of the good things in life but somehow I wish that I would remember to live each day to the fullest even if it is a day like...toilet paper in the sink or juice being spilled on the clock or my dropout ballet dancer:) I want the lesson without the pain? Is that possible? I certainly hope so

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