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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Ellie

Ellianna was a child I prayed for for many years. Which is why we named her Ellianna "God has answered!"  I had always hoped that I would have a daughter and was so blessed with her.  I even "wished" for blonde curly hair and beautiful blue eyes and I "got" it.  I couldn't believe that we were finally pregnant with her when I found out...so much in shock it took four pregnancy tests and the doctor herself to tell me for me to finally believe it to be so.

My pregnancy was difficult but I just kept thinking of that lovely baby and I didn't care if it was a boy or a girl but so hoping for a girl.  I was ever the optimist so I kept all tags on her stuff until "she" came out.  Ellianna's delivery was long and painful as most are but afterwards the recovery was so much better than it had been with Trey for my dear Trey was a very BIG boy! 

Ellianna was the kind of baby who wanted every thing "her" way.  She has always been that way since day one.  Homeschooling her this year was a bit scary.  I wondered if I would be able to give her what she needed.  I think those first few years are so critical and what if I stunted her reading or writing for heavens sake! Isn't it ridiculous that we teach our children to walk and talk and eat and run and go potty but we think we can't handle preschool.  Nevertheless, I have been quite nervous.  So much so, I bought three different curriculums and you know which one is the best?  THE CHEAPEST ONE!!! GRRRRR!

So, we have been doing well with letters and coloring in the lines so well my husband couldn't believe she did it but numbers....Ellianna just doesn't seem to really care and for all of you who know her that sounds typical.  She looked me in the face the other day and very matter of factly said "Mommy, I HATE math!"  I never called it math I called it counting but she must have heard Trey say it or something I have no idea!  So, we have been working on counting.  I have counted while we shop, talk, go for a walk just about everything I could think of and then....my husband walks in and tells me how well she is doing counting as he tucks her into bed! WHAT! Then as I stand outside her bedroom door I hear her soft little voice count to her Daddy! Part of me was...."Why in the world can't she count to me?" but inside I was singing "I taught her that, I taught her that, I taught her that"  YEAH!   So, those of you getting discouraged......don't give up! Perhaps the breakthrough is coming SOON!!!!!

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