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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Those Big Brown Eyes!

Do you ever have a weekend where you wish you could stop the clock and back up and change things? Do you wish that you could stop time and change what happened and then start it back? This weekend started out normal...busy, but normal. I had a two day garage sale with not to much drama. I only managed to make one elderly man very mad at me but other than that quite successful!(for those of you wondering he wanted me to go lower than I already had gone on an item, I didn't punch him or anything!) then we headed to soccer and then I was to go to a party.

At the party I found out some very sad news that just cut me to the core. The whole night I could think of nothing else. When I returned home my husband had invited a guest to dinner without telling me and I was so tired all I wanted was to sit in front of the television and veg...throw in an unexpected guest....a bit of a comment that really offended me from my husband....add in some tragic news...followed by a dash of exhaustion and you have ONE GRUMPY MAMMA BEAR!

Getting up this morning my main goal was I can't wait to take a NAP today! How many hours until that can happen? Pretty sad that I woke up wishing that I could go to bed and that's how I approached the whole day. After church was over we came home and got lunch ready and then headed out for the soccer game...I'm still counting down the hours until nap time by the way....after soccer my husband now decides that he wants to go get ice cream for the kids....I have splitting headache and really just WANTTA A NAP PLEASE!!!! So then he looks at me, my dear husband that is and says "Do you want to go get so and so (two dear boys that our dear friend was able to adopt from their horrible mother)" I wanted to say...."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I want to take a nap! Is ANYONE in the whole stinkin family listening to me? Can you NOT see the bags under my eyes? Am I not the crankiest person ever? Aren't you sick of me?" but INSTEAD I replied "Sure honey! that's a GREAT idea!" We get there to pick up the kids and they get into the van and smile so big and their Grandma comes to the van and tells us how tired she is and how thankful she is for us taking them and I still say and smile..."OH NO problem!" but inside I'm still thinking..."Now, how can I get in that nap? is it possible that can happen?" So, we drive home and those voices started cracking me up in the back and we got home and my husband says "Go, take your nap!" I joyously run up the stairs and climb into my bed my glorious bed! Oh how I've missed you my fluffy pillows.....then I hear sounds from downstairs where the boys were and my mind starts to imagine things (they are swinging from the chandeliers....?) long story short.....that was the end of my nap.

I woke up, went downstairs and allowed myself to be enjoy the riches of "childhood" I heard this deep voice coming out of this little boy with glasses and big brown eyes asking me questions, showing me his legos that "I have worked a long time on this!" and listening to all three boys talking at once and I thought "this is so much better than a nap!" I was blessed to be around these boys that had been adopted out of a difficult situation and to be able to participate in helping these boys was more fulfilling than a silly old nap could have ever been. Needless to say the boys are scheduled to come over on a weekly basis when possible and my little heart could not be more full. I was a "smitten" from the time those big brown eyes behind those glasses looked up at me and that BIG deep voice asked me a question.

So, I guess my point in all my rambling is..."When God tells you or your husband (in my case) to go do something...you better do it because I'm really glad I didn't get my nap today!

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