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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are You a Godly Wife?

Today was our weekly meeting for "Mom to Mom" in our homeschool group and I will say that on todays topic I was not real upbeat for it. I mean I was sure that Proverbs 31 was going to be thrown in there and that we should LOVE and HONOR and OBEY our husbands and inside I was like....(lets be truthful here girls) inside I was like totally whiny "OK, do I HAVE to???" However, as soon as this dear lady got up to speak I knew that we were in for a treat.

She begin by telling us she had six children and had been married for over 30 years. What struck me the most was her humble spirit and how that she so wanted to be able to be a Godly wife to her husband. She told a story that I will share with you because it absolutely made me sit there with my mouth open and my heart touched and my spirit softened and left me feeling VERY CONVICTED!!!!! She stated that her two oldest girls still lived at home and were in the medical field and her husband had hurt his thumb and her daughters were concerned about it and her husband looked at her and said "I'm afraid that I might lose my nail after milking and may have to come find you about two in the morning for a bandaid." She said her first reaction inside was to say "I NEED my sleep PLEASE don't come bother me!" However instead she said that her heart was convicted and she replied "It would by my HONOR to get that bandaid for you especially since you are out there working so hard so that I am allowed to stay at home with my children." Oh my heart was broken and I gasped aloud because......GIRLS! I so don't DO THAT!!!!!!

Lets take a trip down honesty lane shall we??? First of all when it comes to nursing count me out. When I'm sick leave me alone o.k.? Don't bug me! Throw me a glass of water and ask me every couple of hours if I need food etc but other than that LEAVE ME ALONE! My husband on the other hand is NOT that way. When he asks for something and he is sick I'm rolling my eyes so bad that I fear at times I might get a headache from the constant rolling. I want to say "seriously? you need me to get what?" After hearing her speak I am praying for a heart that is kinder, a voice that is gentler and a spirit that is more understanding. My husband works six days a week and from about now until Christmas Eve works long days with difficult at times people. He does it all so that I might stay home with our children and NOW takes on more responsibilities so that I can homeschool.

So, tonight when he had a meeting for his employees here at the house and I was out shopping I remembered that he had said last night that some ginger ale to go with his oj sounded good since he had a cold right now and I actually remembered to get him some and you could tell when I got home how happy he was that I had done that.

Now, I ask you, something that little goes a really long way imagine what it would do if I actually started listening more and being more appreciative of my husband and respecting him more and honoring him more.....WOW! I better get working now!

Today several of the ladies said something that continued to ring in my ears all evening: When your children are gone it will be you and your husband and do you want to KNOW him by then or do you want to look at him as a stranger because you have been so wrapped up in your children?

I want to be an example to my children of what a happy marriage looks like. That is the legacy that I want to leave them. The legacy of a Godly home and unfortunately it starts with ME!!!!!!!

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