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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Books!

For those of you who homeschool this may interest you maybe not.

Trey and I have really battled last year with his spelling and also with his grammar (oh my goodness) I had just pulled him from school and he couldn't tell me what a verb was much less an adverb and don't get me started on direct objects. Last year we used Rod and Staff and it is a very good solid curriculum with no frills. I personally like it very much. Trey however, absolutely hates it. He was in tears when he thought I might order the new one. My sister offered me this new english system and for us it didn't work but I think with Ellianna it will be perfect so for now I'm putting that one aside. However, once again my lovely Jessie Wise has come through with a fabulous book: First Language Lessons for the well-trained Mind. We are using level four and I can happily say "HE GETS IT!!!" Happy dance was going on when my dear boy knew immediately what an adverb did and what its job was and what a subject pronoun was! My heart beat faster!!! TA DAH!!!! We have a breakthrough!!!

We also use All About Spelling by Marie Rippel. This year we are on Level 5. Last year we had to go through three levels of spelling because he had not been taught phonics at all where he went and we were in BIG trouble but this year! HE GETS IT!!!!

Another Book we love, love, love is Writing with Ease by Susan Wise Bauer! LOVE HER!!! This is the most helpful book in helping Trey with dictation, narration and summarizing. It is FANTASTIC!!!!! In the beginning he would go on and on and on but now he's soo much better.

Last but not least if you are interested in History (which I wasn't until we started doing these) The Story of the World (again by Susan Wise Bauer) great map work, color page, weekly test, questions and again narration of the chapter he just read. Can't even begin to tell you what a great wonderful book this is! I already bought from my sister what we will need for next year.

Last but not least we use Teaching Textbooks for Math. Math is not my strongpoint so having this system has been great. He has a tutor and then quizzes on his computer program and it keeps track of his grades which I REALLY like and gives him opportunities to find out why he missed what he missed.

Latin still continues to be a struggle but we are getting there along with chemistry and geography and of course the dreaded handwriting. Anyway, so far we are very happy in what we are doing but I'm very aware that children change and therefore wanted to let you know what worked for us now and keep me informed of anything that anyone has used to help with Latin??? We have the whole program and here lately he even has the website that has games to learn the Latin words but still this is a subject we are continually struggling in.

Happy homeschooling!

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