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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Time Does Go By

Here we are....the week of Thanksgiving! For me, one of the busiest weeks of the season. Most of you have your house to decorate and can obsess about it for a whole month...don't worry I do that to! However, this week I host Thanksgiving at my house (twice I might add) and celebrate Trey's bday (twice I might say again) and I have to decorate our store.

In decorating our store comes my insecurity...worrying about what others think as they walk in. Have I made a good impression to the community...am I helping my husband and painting him in the best light by the decorations that I have put out...am I reflecting all that I need to be?

As I started to go into panic as I realized all that this week would entail I decided to approach it completely different than I have before. This will be the first Thanksgiving/Christmas that Ellianna will truly start to understand. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this prospect because this is my favorite time of year. Seeing her eyes light up and talk to me matter of factly reminds me of....well me frankly!

As Ellianna started getting excited about lights we saw up and all the decorations everywhere and talking about her pink Christmas tree it reminded me of when I was a little girl. I LOVE Christmas. My Mom is an amazing seamstress. She made the tree skirt, redid the ornaments so that everything would match (starting to see where my OCD came from) Our house always looked gorgeous on Christmas...candles everywhere, music playing and my very favorite memory.....our manger scene.

I would always play with this and never remember how exactly it was supposed to go back and always got into trouble for touching it....but I still always did...I couldn't help myself. I have the greatest memories with that manger scene and still feel myself as an adult being drawn to it every year trying to play with it...I have restrained myself thus far. I'm sure that the set probably isn't worth a ton but to me it is....I've danced in front of that manger scene, I've sang at the top of my lungs in my most dramatic voice singing "Away in the Manger". It's completely full of happy memories. It was right by the tree when I opened my first kitchen set and my stroller and buggy for my dolls along with my handmade crib my Dad made (he always made awesome things for me...don't ask me about my playhouse my older sisters get mad:)) it was right by the tree when I got my Barbie McDonalds, when I had to give my sister my brand new Barbie right after I opened it because I on purpose wrote on my sister's Barbie's legs with Sharpie (I'm sure she deserved it!) It was there the first Christmas I decided that I only wanted clothes (what was I thinking?) It was there when my son was born and enjoying his first Christmas when he was only a month old. It's always been there!

This year as I hear the grumbling of the children for the family photo and try to get the dog to cooperate at the same time as the kids for the annual Christmas card...I wonder what memories am I making for them? Are they enjoying the traditions that I set forth for them. Will they remember me having a "cow" because the house and the store aren't PERFECT or will they remember the warmth, the love, the joy that they had at Christmas time especially and the joy of celebrating our Savior's birth. Will they remember what we did for strangers or just what we got? Will they be the kind of adults that look to help others during this season or be the kind of adults always looking out for ME ME ME!!!!!!??? I certainly pray not!

As we get ready to bring on the PANIC....I can't find enough tinsel!!!!! Breathe in, Breathe out......remember how our Savior came.....it wasn't into supposed perfect surroundings.

This year as we come together as family and friends and continue traditions, and start new ones may we truly remember that its not about the decorations, the tinsel, the parties, the PERFECTION! It's about celebrating what the Lord has done for us and rejoicing together as family and friends.

I'm interested in hearing ya all's favorite Christmas memories!

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