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Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm In a Hurry to Get Things Done!

This week I decided that I would take my friends advice and shop online and have the items delivered to my home. I cannot even tell you the true excitement I felt when that little red van came driving up to my home and two employees got out and carried my groceries INSIDE my house!!! Girlfriend it was like...."this must be what its like to be RICH?" o.k....I got carried away but seriously it was such a treat that for days I was on cloud nine telling everyone that I meant what an exciting thing had happened to me. O.k. I'm STILL talking about it!

Now today, I got to stay home ALL DAY! This means, that for one thing.....I was able to clean, relax, and my children were able to play with the toys in their room and be at home which is our "sanctuary". In the blissfulness of staying home today I noticed that my youngest is in a bit of a.....shall we say "funk"? Yes, it has to do with the weather and the sickness going around but I had to ask myself is it because we are just going and going so much that on days that we take to slow down my children seem confused??? I don't normally go somewhere every day but I have noticed that this semester with soccer and now gymnastics and all the things that I crammed in that we were way to busy and now I find myself with soccer over I'm feeling some weird need to "FILL" it????

I guess what you could say is that I'm really wanting and striving to make sure that I've learned to be content and to be STILL.

As I've learned to manage my time more effectively and making sure that I'm saying no to things that are at certain times and then having my GROCERIES DELIVERED I'm having time to do the things that are the most important....taking care of my children and husband and serving those who are hurting in our community....instead of running and running and running....I'm trying...I'll let ya know how it goes!

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