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Friday, November 19, 2010

Is there ever a good time?

This week I realized how much there really is to be done. My mind by 8am was going a bit crazy trying to figure out what should be done when and of course our lovely dog has an ear infection in BOTH ears and she also has an infection so she has to take medication twice a day and for those of you familiar with basset hounds....not an easy task. Needless to say with Thanksgiving day comes Trey's birthday and then decorating our store and our home and this year my husband said he wants the store to look REALLY NICE? Yes, I was a bit confused on that one thinking that perhaps is he saying it didn't look nice last year? I know that's not what he's saying its just code word for he wants BIG this year.

So, tonight I had everything planned just so so and tomorrow I had everything planned just perfectly...I even had two backups...but.....there was a hiccup I hadn't planned on. My dear Ellianna has been fine all week and in fact I have marveled at the absolute success we have had this week. Today I had got all cleaning done and painting done and was ready to have some kids over for play dates so that their Mom's and G-ma's should have a night that they could get things done but Ellianna had other plans....it first started with the gingerbread playdoh that smelled too good and she ate some of it and then she threw up....FABULOUS....I have three extra kids here and now I have one that has a bug of some kind...why don't I do them MORE favors????? So, phone calls to parents and then here we are trying to pick up the pieces and rearrange for tomorrow with chess tournament and I was going to be clowning but lets see.....blow on balloons when you might have a bug or facepainting on kids when you might have a bug....boy, I just keep doing people favors don't I?

So, my good intentions that I had planned for others don't get to be followed through and I'm feeling rather bummed. I'm also annoyed because I was planning on visiting with friends during a chess tournament tomorrow and I was totally excited about clowning tomorrow....even got a new wig and eyelashes and facepaints. So, here we are instead....laundry, clorox wipes, disinfecting wipes, purell and did I say laundry? Oh and did I mention Thanksgiving is a few days away as well as Trey's birthday? So, obviously my spirit is not in the right condition for being thankful is it? This surely couldn't be what He meant when He said be thankful in ALL things?

I assure you that right now I am not only irritated at my child being sick(not her of course, but the situation) and annoyed that there are people that I really wanted to minister to and now can't, and not being able to visit with friends and have some much needed "adult conversation" time just really is hard for me to swallow right now. I'm saying a great big HUGE GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

However, I'm thankful there is no fever. I'm thankful that Ellianna is only throwing up a little bit and is able to rest. I'm thankful she's in her bed upstairs and not in a hospital bed. I'm thankful that we have a roof over our head and not sleeping under a bridge. I'm thankful for the heat we are able to have coming out of our vents and I'm thankful for the friends and family that I have and most of all I'm so very thankful to be a Christian living in a free country.

So, there ya go...now to get it from my head to my heart when I so desperately want to yell......WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dear Jamie...take some comfort and rest in the fact that you also have friends who know and understand extenuating circumstances. "It's the thought that counts" is true, but doesn't quite cover it. A real friend will see and understand your heart's intentions and be very greatful for whatever your offerings may be. Personally, I would rather receive little or nothing, from a willing heart, than much from a heart that is motivated by appearances or personal benefit.
    I can't tell you how blessed I feel as I toss Hawaian Chicken into my crock pot in preparation for supper tonight. It brings tears to my eyes. What might be a simple meal in your eyes appears as a lavish gift of time and love to ME.
    As a mom, homeschooler, and every other title we have, I 100 percent understand and appreciate the effort, planning, cost, and time a "simple" meal, or even the thought to make a simple phone call to solve a birthday clown "problem", takes.
    an Exhortation if I may be so bold- YOU, do what you can for others when God prompts you to do so, and when you are able.
    Let GOD decide the value of the Jewel you are placing at His feet...

  2. I am humbled by your sweet words of kindness...always wishing I could do more for you...worried about you as you are sick and trying to think what I can do to ease your load. I was so burdened that I could not rest until I found someone to fill in for your sweet Ella. I felt so guilty that I was bordering on being ANGRY at why the Lord had caused this to happen when all I was doing was trying to be NICE!!! I did however learn that sometimes God wants us to be STILL....something I'm not good at. During the day that Trey was gone ALL day it was my opportunity to be with Ellianna alone and to be STILL....even though I didn't like any of the lessons I had to learn that day I'm grateful that things still went on without ME and that I was able to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD. I am a dramatic person, I needed a dramatic result.....I think God knows that about me!