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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It all Happens at Once it seems!

This weekend has been a bit of a blur but I'm not complaining it was a great weekend.

I was given the opportunity to take my son Trey along with seven of his friends to go rock climbing at a local gym. I was thrilled to see my son be able to be with his friends, not argue, encourage his friends and share. For some this may be a given, for me it was extra special because we have battled this many days....making friends, keeping friends etc....lots of prayer, lots of crying....

Last night I was given the opportunity to have a rare night with just my stepdaughters and husband. We could go shopping and eat in peace without Trey complaining about shopping, without Ellianna having a melt down that she couldn't run through the streets. Not that I don't enjoy my younger children its just that we are finding that some time away is good for all.

Then tonight my husband and I went shopping locally to a store that we had been told about by a friend and I was able to purchase a kitchen table that I have been looking for, for about six months.

Why in heavens name has this kitchen table consumed me so much lately? Well, its where we do school, art, playdoh, meals....a million things. I needed more room and I was growing frustrated that I couldn't find anything that would hold up well but not be to fussy because we aren't fussy people but still look really nice. The hardest thing for me about this whole process is my husband had decided that if we were going to do SOME of DAve Ramsey, we had to do ALL of Dave Ramsey. I must confess I have been pouting for several months about this very thing. I was upset because I felt...we don't have debt except for our house so WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL I WANT A NEW KITCHEN TABLE WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So, tonight when we found not only the table that I have been searching for but a BONUS shelf that I will use as my hutch I felt a twinge of guilt....o.k. I felt VERY guilty. For months I had been annoyed at my husband and not being the "submissive" wife that I should be. I grumbled to myself but tonight.....it seemed the universe stopped and I'm pretty sure I heard angels sing and I'm pretty sure there was a BIG STINKING STAR over the table and as I GASPED loudly and tried VERY HARD NOT to scream so that the sales lady would hear me say..."ITS PEERRRRRFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT!" at what my eyes saw before me I also felt guilty.....this is so way more better (did I mention cheaper...and I know way more better is improper but go with me here for a minute)than what I saw six months ago and pouted that I couldn't have.

Then as I have been re-arranging things in my head before my hutch comes and planning everything out it dawned on me.....its kind of like when God asks us to wait and wait and wait and wait and THEN when we least expect it.....ANSWERED PRAYER! For me, tonight it was a kitchen table....silly thing I know......but....what about the big things? Yes, I think He works that way on the big things too!

May His name be praised!

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