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Monday, November 29, 2010

It was Worth IT!

Well, I'm sitting around looking at my four days of hard work...five if you count the time I spent at the store. This year I really enjoyed myself decorating...it helps when you have a new kitchen table where everyone can FINALLY settle around and be comfortable. After the millions of boxes have been brought down and then put back up again...after the exhaustion of the two Thanksgiving dinners, two birthday parties and now the aftermath...cleaning, grocery shopping, getting ready for more parties I'm reminded how attitude can change it all!

This week I have a lot going on, as well as next week, and the next week! Suprisingly I'm not stressed...YET....I say knowing that soon I'll feel my heart racing and this amazing urge to RUN around like a crazy person making sure that there are no "accidents" in the bathroom and that the toilet paper is filled in all three baths and that the napkins are so so and oh my goodness don't even stress about your food for the parties your going to or the decorations that your in charge of...and I'm thinking "Why did I say yes to that again".

In saying all that do you know what I'm happiest about doing? The part where I get to go clowning....yep! The part where I'm totally out there being "imperfect" in front of little kids...telling them about Christ's love with the fun of the balloon candy cane, facepainting and just TALKING to them and finding out what's going on. You see, they don't think of me as an adult and some of them tell me very INTERESTING things! Christmas time isn't the "normal" time you think of clowning but I have about two to three opportunities this month to do so and I'm thrilled to do each one because....its not about the FOOD, the DECORATIONS, how beautiful your house looks, or your Christmas card or how beautiful your children sang at the Christmas Eve service...don't get me wrong....those are WONDERFUL things! However, I think our Heavenly Father is happiest and we are used in the most unique ways when we step OUT of the way and let our Savior "use us" in ways that we don't normally think of being used. When we allow Him to lead us to help others who need it most, to look at others who are hurting, to always be aware of OTHERS!

I find myself stressing as I try to figure out the "perfect" gift for my children. Stressing as we Christmas shop and Ellianna runs the cart into a another shopper (yes, that did happen) the lady was gracious! Instead, I'm trying to remind myself to laugh, to enjoy, to remember that this Christmas I can't re-do, I can't say "DO OVER!". Ellianna will never be three again, Trey will never be 11 again and opportunities to serve certain people may be gone if we don't act...so, I guess what I'm asking is this.....Is it WORTH it to stress over a holiday that is a celebration of the Savior who came to save us ALL or do we want to stress over a table arrangement, a meal, the perfect house.....I just can't do that anymore. I want to be able to say "It was WORTH IT!" It was worth putting myself out there as Miss Dot. It was worth it to plunge deep in my pockets so that someone can have a Merry Christmas and see the love of Jesus through US! It was so worth it!!!

May His name be praised!

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