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Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Coming!

Due to my new laid plans girls I actually have a clean house, dinner ready and children who have had all their lessons today and are all caught up with school. I'm feeling VERY happy right now and all is right with the "my little world." I'm actually able to SIT and enjoy before 12am!

My son will be eleven years old two days before Thanksgiving. As always his birthday always comes at a crazy time which makes birthday parties interesting and then of course I'm stressed about Thanksgiving dinner which due to Mark's mother who is not well enough to travel to KC we have at my house (which is fine) because you all know that I thrive on stress and making everything PERFECT especially amazing centerpieces etc. (don't be to impressed yet there is an attempt every year not sure I've succeeded!) However, I do enjoy having it here because I very much like my home and like it to be full of company especially during the holidays.

I'm trying very hard this year to enjoy the seasons as they come. We do not listen to christmas music UNTIL the day after Thanksgiving. I need to enjoy my pumpkin pie and have my children write on leaves things they are THANKFUL for and enjoy being together! I'm trying to this year let the kids help me more in my decorating (I think I will just buy a big tree for the second floor and they can do what they may and I'll just fix it when they're sleeping?) No???? well at least give me something for trying?

I want you to know that this year I will be trying to take it SLOW, enjoying the season, teaching my children its not about them but about HIM! It's about rejoicing in the Savior's birth not that my house is "dressed" amazingly. It's not all teetering on whether my dinner is amazing and how many people said that my decorations were fantastic and how slim I looked in that black dress or how chubby I felt I looked since I had that extra slice of pie.

This year.......(and I'm starting early) I'm going to BE STILL!!!!!

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