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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Little Ol Me!

Honestly, I never expected anyone to read this blog and since I've started doing it in July I have received some pretty incredible e-mails from a lot of you. There were days that some of you shared things with me that my heart just ached at because.....I've been there. I know hurt, anger, frustration and I know what its like to feel very much all alone.

I feel privileged that you have shared some of your thoughts and your hurts with me. I feel honored to have reached some of you as deeply as I have and I'm humbled at the words that many of you have said to me encouraging me to continue.

I do know how amazing the arms of Jesus feel when your world is over, when you are undone. I have laid out on my living room floor and cried my heart and soul out almost sounding like a wounded animal the hurt was so deep. No human can heal that, no human hug can be a balm to that....no one can ease the pain like my God can. If you have never had anything happen to you in life that has caused you to lay prostrate on the floor and cry your very soul out to your Father in Heaven than....I'm happy that you've never hurt like that but at the same time I'm sad that you've never known what it is like to put your WHOLE heart and soul to God. To be that close to God and to actually FEEL His arms around me was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. When I became stronger and I couldn't "feel" him as much I was worried and kept trying to "feel" Him and realized later that it was me that moved not Him. He was always there, just I didn't NEED Him like I had previously "needed".

I'm not Beth Moore...I'm not that beautiful and tall...I won't ever reach as many women as she has...don't get me wrong I adore Beth Moore and would probably be "giddy" if I ever got the chance to meet her. However, God hasn't called me to be Beth Moore he's called me to be....just me. So, it is with humble heart that I come before you each time you read something I've written. I appreciate that you've taken the time to do so and I hope and pray that when you do you will be able to laugh and cry at my experiences in my "normal" life and you will be able to say "Hey, that's exactly how I feel at times!" and we can join each other on this journey and grow closer to our Lord every day. That's my prayer for this blog, not to have the most followers but to encourage and as long as I'm able to do that then I will continue.

May His name be praised!

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