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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monogramming Anyone?

Lately, I've been getting into a monogramming "thing". It first started with a box of beautiful tissues that I was given by a friend while Mark was in the hospital. It had her initial on it and I just loved it. So, I went to my local Hobby Lobby and found that there were all SORTS of choices! Imagine my glee!!!!! So, I bought a couple with my lovely "S" initial and any time someone needed one (and it seemed that people seem to cry a lot around me lately) I wasn't embarassed to pull out my tissues that were practically rolled in a ball and pray there wasn't a piece of gum stuck to it...can you say..."No thanks, I'm FINE!" However, I noticed that every time I would pull them out my friends would give me a hard time...like...I'm so perfect my tissues even have an "S" on them. So, I decided to buy my friends some and then they enjoyed their tissues and so on and so forth...just something fun!

THEN, the sickness began....I got the "S" pillows, the "S" flag outside our home...attempting to bring myself to get the monogram rug. THEN, I brought it upstairs to the bedroom and got Ellianna's initials and then mine and THEN Trey's and Now I'm thinking I have two chairs that are new in the music room that should need them...so?

So, you ask what's up with my fascination? I guess it began with the tissues but then it became more of a.....answer almost a screaming reply to my son. For many children who lose their father's at very young ages their identity begins to get lost...they don't know who they are. For the longest time Trey couldn't even really tell you what his name was. So, I guess my monogramming "fascination" began with that. For him to be able to look at the pillow and trace the "S" and know that is where he comes from.....and that he should be proud of that....that he belongs and that its o.k.

So, I guess I'll be getting those pillows for the music room eh?

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