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Monday, November 8, 2010

Should We Ignore Our Ghosts?

Lately, I've been completely cleaning house. Not only have I been "cleaning" my actual house that I live in but my "personal house" so to speak. It seems that when its time for me to DEAL, it comes at me at the EXACT SAME STINKIN TIME!!!! I just want to say...."O.k. but do I have to fix everything NOW???"

As you all know my first husband passed away eight years ago...what you don't know is the song that Ron sang the night before he died. Ron was away from the Lord two years before he passed and our relationship was rocky at best. He was however going to church again and for that I was thrilled. He loved to sing and play the piano and we fought over who was the better pianist (the verdict is still out on that!) We went to concerts together and loved, loved, loved music. We sang together, we couldn't go anywhere without music being on. So, he was on a praise team at the church that he was going to and the song that he decided to sing was "I Can Only Imagine." I know that many of you have heard this song so much that many of us are like.....ENOUGH ALREADY!!! What cracks me up about this is that eight years ago no one knew it and still EIGHT YEARS later it is played EVERY DAY!!!! There are days that Trey and I laugh because every time we get in the car guess what song is on? I have told Trey that on those days I think that our "guardian angel" is thinking of us and that's his way of telling us. Some of you may find that disturbing and if so....I'm sorry you feel that way.

Today though I was really laughing.....Ellianna was in the middle of her gymnastics class and the equipment that she was crawling all over had Elkton MD written all over them...I just smiled to myself. I'm just sitting here minding my own business and here this is showing up in my face. I couldn't possibly understand why I was having all these reminders brought up...o.k. so what's up with Elkton MD??? ONLY that its this little town in Maryland right outside Baltimore where Ron lived! I couldn't understand why in heaven's name that I was thinking of him and then I remembered.....Trey....our dear boy Trey will be 11 this month.

Now, don't get me wrong I am thankful for my life with my husband that God has given me but there are times that little things like that happen that I think is God's way of giving us a little "wink" so to speak...letting us know that there is a special "guardian angel" that is thinking of us.

So, I guess here is my "wink, wink" back at ya!

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