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Saturday, November 13, 2010


As this morning came I have been fervently praying to the Lord. I am in a battle right now with my son's heart. For those of you who think that I mean he's just a "typical" boy...you are right...most boys are selfish, rude, and sometimes lie. My son is not BAD so to speak but my heart is so heavy for him.

Since we are able to homeschool I see him in all sorts of situations that when he went away to school I did not see. I see the way he reacts when he's wrong, how he is with his friends, how he is when he plays sports. For about two years this trouble has been brewing. He is a young man that is very smart but doesn't know when to admit he's wrong, brags to others, and thinks of himself first.

There are days I just want to sit down and cry.....I know what will come to him if he continues down this path. I fear the friends he won't make....I fear him being alone. My heart aches for my son. However, lately I'm seeing glimpses of the Lord working in his heart....for instance we bought half a cow the other day and he helped me carry it down to the freezer.....because I asked him to....but then.....he came down later to help me...without my asking...my heart smiled and I thanked the Lord.

I will only tell you that if Trey will listen to the Holy Spirit than he will be capable of great things I believe, but if Satan wins his heart......

I ask that today you join in with me for prayer for our children and teens because I believe we are in a huge battle right now for our children and sometimes Satan wins but if we pray and correct our children....even when its for the 100th time, I believe that God will have the victory and lives will be changed forever for the good.

May His name be praised!

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  1. This is also my constant prayer for my son, as well as daughters. It is very heartbreaking to spend 9 weeks nearly every day doing a character study on KINDNESS...(just ONE character trait!!) and then hear them snipping unkindly at each other --daily--, WHILE they are doing their seatwork (and most of the rest of the day too) on KINDNESS. It makes me cry some days.
    We need to encourage each other...so here is my attempt to encourage you from the same row of the choir...
    I see it not only as a battle for thier hearts, but ours as well. Satan would love for us to quit, to stop perservering, to relax our values or principles. Each time we tiredly "let it slide" he is there taking a point. Of course we WILL let it slide now and then. After all, its extreemely exhausting to be attentive, loving, correcting, teaching, rebuking...etc, (all in love!!) constantly. BUT!
    He who is in us is greater than he that is in the world!! Our God is greater, our God is stronger..(ok, slipping into song lyrics here, haha!) and he will lift us up and enable us to keep going. I'm so thankful that his mercies are new EVERY morning, and that it is my obedience that he wants, rather than my perfection as a parent or teacher. We need to concentrate on being WILLING to stop, willing to teach, willing to correct, willing to forgive and then more than anything, willing to repent and ask forgiveness when WE screw up. Only God's power can change these children's hearts. Amazingly, and to my own chagrin...if we WERE perfect- they would never see love, sorrow, repentence, humilty, etc. in action and being lived out for them to emulate.
    Be encouraged! It is not OUR work that will make this job get done right. And the one who's job it is? NEVER fails.
    I join you in prayer! For the kids (hearts to be softened and open to listen to the Holy Spirit, and a true and growing desire to know and understand this JESUS that they have in their hearts), and for each other (obedience. Perserverence. Humility. Correction and disciple in love. Self control. MORE perserverence.). May the Father be shown strong and be glorified in all that we ask for. Amen.