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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Write that Note when you feel that tug!

Today I received a very special blessing. I was given a very large hug by someone who had been having a very bad, awful, no good week.

My heart had been burdened for this special lady all week and I kept praying for her throughout the week but I still felt that I needed to do more....so I wrote her an actual NOTE!

I know, the mind just is almost blown thinking that people still write personal hand notes to others and put an old fashion stamp on it! IT's true, the mail carrier's still like to deliver those! Lest you think I'm writing this to tell you what an amazing person I am.....you must not read this blog often because I'm so NOT!

However, I was struck by how so many of us are so disconnected from people now. I don't answer my phone while we are having school for obvious reasons but at the same time I will text just about anyone with whatever details that need to be known at that time regardless of us being in school...but a ACTUAL conversation? Well, who has TIME for that???

I read the other day that some people think that Christmas cards shouldn't be sent out that we should just email our greetings??? Email our Christmas cards??? I know some people do it and there certainly isn't anything wrong with that but seriously girls don't you super duper LOVE seeing how your friends and loved ones and their families have grown? Don't you enjoy getting an actual handwritten note from those you care about?

Have we become so disconnected from one another that we can't send a note? Have we become such a fast paced society with so many things to do and accomplish that people have become something on a To DO list? I'm GUILTY of this...but every time I decide to fight through it I'm always rewarded because an actual phone call or handwritten card showing someone that you care about them and love them is STILL such a wonderful gesture of human kindness!

I adore getting mail especially when its from those we love writing us to tell us that they are thinking and praying for us.

As I feel the holidays coming in and the stress starting right about NOW I'm reminding myself of an old rule I used to have: Write a note to those in need twice a week. That certainly sounds easy enough and many of us think we don't have time? It probably took me about seven minutes TOPS to write that note and I'm pretty sure that REAL GENUINE PEOPLE are worth that time.

So, am I trying to make you feel guilty???? WELLL.....no, I hate guilt....I just want you to realize that when you get the pull on your ear and you hear " so and so looks down today I should write them..." that yes, you should. You should do it EVERY time you feel "The NUDGE"

May His name be praised!

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