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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doesn't ANYONE know I'm trying to have CHRISTMAS HERE!

Why I am still up at 1am? I have no idea! Perhaps its because I can't sleep....which is funny since I've been up for almost a week every single night from anywhere between two to four hours dealing with nebulizers, ring pops (don't ask) and throw up!

This week I'm trying to fit in everything I couldn't do last week plus remember to do everything for this week because you know....its all coming to a head in five days! By the time I'm done with this blog it will be four days!

I woke up this morning (seems long ago) and found that someone had hacked into one of my accounts and taken a large sum of money for a game that I've never even heard of...after questioning my son and looking at his ipod, and facebook account and realizing the purchase was made when he was asleep he was allowed to go on living! That put a major GRRRR in my day. Then of course the added stresses of children sick, children whiny, husband stressed to the max and trying to make sure that I can remember what in the world I need to do next! I found myself almost in a crying fit and for no reason that I could really think of...just wondering how in heavens name am I going to get the cookies done, the candies done, everything delivered to the neighbors, make sure that everything is together for the dinner, make sure that no one has been forgotten and that everything looks amazing for the Christmas breakfast and the Christmas dinner and.....and.....and.....is your brain spinning like mine?

So, when we had sickness this week, a wreck, a hacker, Grandma needing extra assistance, my husband totally stressed at work, and a million other things going on I wanted to scream.."SERIOUSLY, NOT this week! I'm trying to have a Merry Christmas here" as I say that all through gritted teeth! Then it hit me......and yes we have all heard it a million times...its not about the presents or the dinner or the way the house looks its all about our Lord being born...but lets be honest girls......its STILL about the presents, the house, the EVERYTHING! I say to myself...without Jesus there would be no Christmas and that's exactly right but HOW do I get to focusing on that more and NOT the table, the gifts, the EVERYTHING ELSE!

I hope I learn soon!

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