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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gray Days are starting to get me down!

Today started unlike most. My Ellianna was up a lot last night with the coughing and when she has a cold I panic because out comes the nebulizer always. Most kids coughing is fine for Ellianna it almost always turns into a trip to the doctor. So far so good but I feel one may be in our future!

So, I got up late since I was up at 1am and 4 am and the day just started...well like I was behind from the get go! Luckily for me, my son has been doing homeschool work long enough that he understands what subjects he can do by himself and what ones he needs to wait for me on and luckily for me he was well on his way to being done with the work he could do on his own. Still, Ellianna needed preschool done and piano needed to be done with Trey and I had to make other plans since Miss Dot couldn't go to a function this evening and I had to move piano lessons to other night and well....then my husband called looking for an invoice and the fedex man dropped off my long awaited FOODSAVER package that DOESNT WORK!!! and strangely enough it was sent in NO box just the foodsaver box AND my sister's Christmas present was delivered but hidden and she didn't discover her used to be "live" plant until this morning and yes....it was five BELOW last night can you say grrrrrrr?

When I sit back and think about it I have to laugh. My life is so bizarre I don't think you could even TRY and make this stuff up. I'm the fifth daughter of five girls. I'm the baby of the family! I am eight years apart from my fourth sister. My oldest sister had a two year old when I was born. I was raised with my nieces and nephews not my sisters. I had to learn early to be loud to get noticed! I wasn't the most beautiful, most intelligent, most gifted at anything. I worked very hard to be good at anything I ever did.

Today I struggle with family dynamics and how I should fit in this "crazy" thing called my life. From my late husbands family and all the drama that goes with that to my husbands previous marriage and all the drama that goes with that and then just normal family things and the drama that goes with that. I find myself wanting to check into the "funny farm" at times. AT least there no one will ask me anything...they will just shake their heads and walk around quietly! I know that this is not an option but for a moment....sounds nice!

So, as you go through this CRAZY but wonderful Chrismas season.....try to circle yourself with those that love you the most....those that can let you vent...and not make you feel like an evil person for it. Surround yourself with people that point you towards the Almighty always and know that no matter how "yucky" your heart feels towards the people causing you pain during this stressful time...remember He's there....He's right there and you can always feel His love and sometimes....it comes through those that love you most like your girlfriends who want to go out and have a...latte!

Have a very Merry Christmas and remember.....it won't always be this way. Someday we will walk the streets of gold and the things that overwhelmed us here will be gone and for eternity we will praise HIM.....so......go ahead...have a cookie...call a sister...go for a latte...its going to be alright!

May His name be praised!

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