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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Routine?

I don't know about you but at the Segrist house my kids thrive on routine. We have been battling Ellianna's sickness for over three weeks and still have one more box of steroids for the nebulizer left,but am happy to say that she has slept through the night TWICE and since I haven't done that but once in the last three weeks that's such a happy thing to say! Today we did find out that one of her tubes was on the way out and its now in a happy shiny cup for us to look at and the doctor said that her ears look fabulous! Tonsils are a bit big he said but at this point something to just watch. As for her asthma? He thinks that colds are going to set it off....so....guess that means we'll be staying away from sick kids....see ya all this spring?

This week my Trey is visiting my sister in Green Bay with my parents and I've been able to get some organizing done (as you have seen in previous posts). Tomorrow, I get to get my labelmaker gun out and that's about the only thing keeping me cheery since I'll be putting away Christmas decorations all day long..... but it will be nice to gain control over the home again.

ANYWAY, today Ellianna looked at me and asked if we could do preschool. A sure sign that she is ready for routine once again. When she said that to me I realized how much I myself have missed my routine. We are all creatures of habit and not eating the same things, doing the same things, even being around the same people start to get old and not be as fun as we once thought...don't get me wrong I don't think my son is biting at the bit to have me get our schoolbooks out but deep down I know that he will be once we start our routine up again....just like I know I will be once I get that great exercise dvd back in the blue ray player again....ugghh...but at the same time....I do miss it...strangely so!

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