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Thursday, December 16, 2010

If I ever prayed more.....

Many of you that have children have been in a situation like I was last night. Ellianna doesn't "technically" have asthma but every prescription we get lately says in the fold "for severe asthma or allergies..." the doctors are safely saying "it's a possibility and we have no way to test for it." I'm not complaining God has blessed me with a great pediatrician and nurse practioner and they always find a way to get us in.

I'm not trying to tell anyone that have children that have severe health issues that I understand...because I don't. My experience with emergency rooms hasn't been vast but I have.....had to say goodbye to my first husband there. However, I haven't had to take my kids there hardly ever but last night was a night that we were actually in our clothes, in our car and drove by it and would have gone in if her breathing wouldn't have significantly improved.

There is a completely helpless feeling when your child can't get their breath. When they are terrified because even though they are very small they understand that this is NOT good. Last night I found myself praying and praying for God to get us through. Her little lips seemed to be almost purple....her oxygen is fine today they said she wasn't losing any oxygen. However, I don't have a medical background and to me I was fearful that the worse could come true. As I prayed to my Heavenly Father to heal her to help her sleep to give us wisdom on what to do...I must admit I felt helpless that that is all I was doing....in reality that was the MOST important thing I could do.

Right now she is resting comfortably...she's on two steroids....and one of them I've been warned will make her quite cranky to say the least but it will heal her and that's the important thing. We are not at a hospital and we are safe and warm in our homes and I'm so thankful to the Lord for that answer to prayer.

I'm trying more and more to rely on Him for everything. I even find myself praying for parking spots when there are none....my children think I'm nuts....until they see one come available....just coincidence eh? I want my children to learn to talk to God about everything, not just when we are terrified but about all sorts of things. Should we take this job, should we go talk to this friend, should we buy that car.....that dining room set, who needs our help Lord? These are all things that I'm praying about....should we let certain relationships go, should we pursue others, what Lord would you have me to do? He will answer always, He will make it clear....and sometimes it comes in a "drive by" of the emergency room.

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