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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's Start The Organization Process!

I'm ashamed to say it but today was not the amazing cleaning, organization day that I had in mind. Ellianna was up again from 3-5 or somewhere in there off and on....so our "waking" up time definitely is off shall we say. So, today unfortunately, consisted of some shopping, some bills for the store and setting up a new wireless printer and now dinner. It was not the "stellar" day that I planned for but....tomorrow we hopefully will get farther.

Now, despite my poor accomplishments from today I did purchase the materials to be used in my organization feats and that perhaps may be HALF the battle.

I cracked myself up today because I purchased the long time product that I have always made fun of my Mother for. I purchased the starter package from Shaklee...growing up that is what my mother used...you had a stain...."go get some basic H" she would say....dirty hands?......"go wash with basic H" You name it and "basic H" was the answer! So, today along with other purchases with Shaklee...basic H will now be coming to my home:)

So, until I get all my purchases and projects completed I did want to show you one thing that my sister Ronda told me about two years ago when we moved in and I use them every day!

I use regular shoe organizers for batteries, snacks, tape....anything that the kids need to get and is individually wrapped. I also have one at the front door for the kids hats, gloves, scarves. It saves space and in old homes space is not always at a premium.

So, happy organizing in the new year and there's just one little tip I thought you might enjoy!

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