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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make a Big Difference!

Does it ever seem to occur to everyone that we can make a big difference right here, right now, right where you are?

This thought occurred to me the other day. This week I'm involved in a couple of different things that usually include some serving going on. As I made the plans to make these things happen....and keep in mind I homeschool and I have Ellianna (which should count for two kids by the way just herself!) so when I go to serve others...."others" have to help me out so I can get to the "serving". However, in saying all that I realized just how important we can be in making big differences in the lives of many.

Have you ever wanted to be involved in something BIG? Oh, I have! I've thought to myself wouldn't it be so great to have this amazing singing voice and stand in front of millions and watch people just fall all over the fact that you are sooooo good. Or perhaps a gorgeous model, or skater, or gymnast, or movie star? Yes, I have moved PAST those "dreams" but I still believe that we can all be involved in something BIG! Perhaps we will never get a standing ovation....do you REALLY want one though? Think of the pressure of walking to the front of a huge crowd and wondering the whole time..."Did I for sure make sure that my skirt was pulled down, I do feel a draft?" Seriously, who needs that kind of pressure! By "BIG" I mean, when God tells you to do something you just DO it. I've started doing this recently. I "feel" God moving me to do something, I pray about it, He continues the tug....its usually pretty CLEAR and I just DO it! I don't try to get everyone involved with me...unless its a bigger thing than I can do...I just DO it.

Now, I know that some of you might be thinking that I'm bragging and talking about what an amazing person I am that I have such a servants heart. That is so NOT true. However, recently I have discovered the JOY of listening and then doing and thought that you all might like very much to hear what I have learned.

Lately, I have felt the call for different ways that Miss Dot could minister to other churches, to our church and to others in our community. God has blessed me with a "clown sister" that now makes that possible to do. Tonight we had around forty kids or so maybe less...but not a whole lot less. If I didn't have someone helping me there would be no way that I could have even gone in the first place. To be able to clown for two hours requires a lot of time of preparing beforehand and figuring out what to do with my children in the meantime. While clowning I need someone to watch my children. My point is, it takes a lot of people to help me "serve" and I just want you to know how much I appreciate them. I also want you to know that their act of service in helping me help others is just as important as the "act" itself.

I feel that we as a church have a long way to go in helping our church members who have real needs to meet them. I think we've come a long way and we are making great strides to accomplish more.

I just want you to know that I'm actively seeking right now the TRUE act of services without the bells and whistles without people KNOWING what I'm doing without all the gushing of my goodness. To want to SERVE because that's what we should be doing....that's the kind of heart I want....that's what will start the little difference into a BIG difference. When "we" meaning ME learns to step in and MEET the need without worrying whether someone saw in order to give me credit...because in the end if that's what I'm seeking...then my "reward" has already been given...and the applause is all the "empty" reward I will receive.

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