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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Music Class Still Continues

Just wanted you all to know that we are very much enjoying our music classes. We finished the study of Mozart and now we are studying the music of Beethoven. I find it very interesting! My music theory was long ago and I can't really remember to much about the studies but I really am enjoying learning them again.

I was amazed as we read about Mozart how that he was taught by his father when he was sooo very young and then basically just had a natural "knack" or shall we say "genius knack." I thought though if his father would have never introduced him to music would things have added up to the same? Would we enjoy some of the lovely music that he wrote if his parents would have not done all that they could to expose him to music?

Obviously, we have much more to learn on all of these great composers we are getting ready to go over. WE just started Beethoven today. I am very excited to learn about Bach.........ANYWAY, it occurred to me today while reading out loud how influential the parents were in BOTH of these great composers lives.

As I homeschool I constantly worry that I'm not doing enough. If someone asks my son a question and he doesn't know the answer to it I constantly worry about doing a new study on the subject he wasn't to sure about. I worry about all sorts of things it seems. THEN the other day he acted like he never knew how to divide! So, back to the worksheets we went...my point being this....its very important that we as parents do our best to encourage our children in all areas of their lives....music, sports, chess, you get it......always trying to make sure that my son and daughter get the education that they need but knowing in the end.....my children will not always make the right choices....my hope and my prayer continually is for them to walk with the Lord always and if they grow up to do that than I will find them quite successful no matter what they chose to do for a career. There is nothing in this world that matters more to me than their spiritual walk.

May His name be praised!

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