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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Things

Side Note: I tried to change my blog last night but that was a HUGE waste of time and no one could view it...so, I'm back to my blog...I wanted something different, something easier for people to follow...oh well...I will keep searching but for now I will use my good old blogger.

So, this morning it hit me of all the things that I have to accomplish in the next couple of days to make things run more smoothly. I have to take all decorations down for house and store and most importantly I have to get ALL bills taken care of for end of year for the store. So, that got me thinking as to all the things that make my life easier and how much I LOVE them all. So, here is my list....feel free to give your favorite things....but these are mine!

1. Bod 4 God Bible Study-I know it sounds crazy but this book, along with my new friends (some old) have helped me eat better, exercise more and drink WATER and how very important water is. I have lost about 8 pounds and several inches...hoping to keep going and lose ten more!

2. Don't Panic Dinners in the Freezer Book 1 and Book2-I can't even begin to tell you how this has changed my cooking life. To be able to make one big meal and freeze two more to have on hand is so simple yet sooooo brilliant,cookies, etc! Fabulous, Fabulous!

3. My new Foodsaver-can't tell you how grateful I am for my friend Kerry getting me to get one of these. TRULY a need since I freeze cook so much. I LOVE watching all my hard work get totally "shrink wrapped" so to speak and know that it is being saved from the scary "freezer burn".

4. My labelmaker-seriously can't wait until I put Christmas decorations away and can finally label all my boxes without worrying about sharpies anymore! Seriously am looking forward to that!

5. My KitchenAid mixer-need I say more...unless you own one you are not able to understand the amazing amount of work this machine does. We made fresh homemade beautiful bread the other night in seven minutes....no, not baking it but mixing it...and that included Ellianna helping us. TRULY can't wait to make more bread and more everything with this awesome machine.

6. Swiffer wetjet-if you have wood floors throughout your house and a big kitchen this is a MUST have. I use it almost everyday and its divine!

7. Finally...my newest purchase----my wireless printer! Seriously, why did I wait so long! To be able to be downstairs and hit print without running my laptop all the way upstairs....ahhhhhhhh! So nice!

8. Oh, forgot! I used to scrapboook but that was sooo expensive and so time consuming. I have four children that I'm responsible for! So, I have made all my photobooks on shutterfly and have just started using MixBook. MixBook seems a bit more complicated for my brain but right now have the same size books thirty dollars cheaper than shutterfly so it is sooooo worth it to figure it out! Shutterfly also has shares sites (which I do have) and that way everyone can see my photo books or photos and usually shutterfly will send me free prints just for using it!

9. How can I forget my dear beloved front loader washer and dryer....seriously I will never have a top loader again....so much laundry, so little time...now if only they can invent one to fold and put away??????

What will #10 be in the new year? Perhaps a Roomba? Stay tuned, or be friends with my buddy Kerry....she'll straighten you out in a jiffy!

Have a great day and I'll let ya know how my cleaning, organizing overhaul is going...may take me a few days....I'm TRYING!

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