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Monday, December 6, 2010

Need a Lift Sister?

Tonight was our annual Lift Ladies Christmas Secret Sister's Reveal Party...I'm sure that the title there can be rearranged a bit but that's the idea. It's always a fun time. We eat tons, laugh a lot, get to find out whose been giving us goodies all year and really get to enjoy being with Godly women.

There are no kiddos...we have childcare and its LOVELY! I enjoy eating my food without getting up a million times and talking to real live adults in person and not on facebook and email to have that true human contact is a TRUE joy! Being in the house of God gives us strength to continue on.

In that time that we had to tonight I looked around the room at others.....the older that I get the more that I like to watch people. You can really see a lot by just watching and keeping your mouth closed....a new concept for me....I'm enjoying the learning process. As I looked around I saw hurt, loneliness, and weariness. I also saw joy, laughter, sympathy, empathy, support for one another.

I guess as I attend church and am involved in more things with the church I'm reminded how easy it is to get lost....to pull away....to stack things up in front of yourself so that others can't get to you and I wonder how do we pull that down...how do we as Christian women make sure that those who need love the most but won't let us in how do we overcome that and pull them back in?

The only answer I can come up with is perseverance....we keep asking questions, we keep helping, we keep putting ourselves out there because tonight it was pure JOY to be laughing and eating and laughing and eating and laughing and eating......I hope that soon everyone there can be laughing and eating to!

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