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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pat on the BACK!!!!

Ever have a day that your like...."Hey, I'm good!" then the next day...you feel like the bird that runs into the shiny clean glass patio door???? Kinda makes you wantta say.."O.k. I'm sorta good maybe?"

Well, I had a day like that yesterday...going along..minding my own business...then BAM! SLAM! Thank you maam someone is telling me that I'M FALLING SHORT!

Today, I woke with a heavy heart...didn't help much that the wind was blowing so hard in my big ol house that the very house seemed to shudder with the cool winds and keep me awake at 4 am! As I drank my coffee and ran my one errand in peace I began to pray, I prayed and prayed and prayed all day. I asked the Lord to reveal to me if what this person had said was valid. My heart was sad and I was depressed that this is what this person thought of me.

So, today I worked on getting the dinner ready for the party and making sure that everything was so so. It was balm to my soul when my employees were gushing at our decorations and food. I don't think they realized how much my weary soul needed a little pat on the back. So, I say all that to say.....even when you don't think someone cares about what your thinking....if its good...say it! It may be just the pat on the back that they need!!!!

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