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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tame your coats, and cell phones please and your SHOES!

We have a huge problem with clutter if we don't manage it well. I have a coat rack where we hang Ellie's stuff as soon as we get home. The black storage thing you see on the wall is for c. phones and keys. I have another one on the other wall for the kids c. phones. I also have a rule that all c. phones must be there by 8pm so its a great way to check and monitor also.

Here you see my bucket o shoes. This is wonderful. As soon as we get home, you put your shoes in the bucket. I have a nice basket in the front entrance of our homes for the teens in our home who enter from the street side of our house.

Junk drawer! No hope for it unless you use little baskets! This is much better! I'm sure that some of you could put me to shame...but this is so much better you have no IDEA!

I cook a lot and I buy most of my spices at Sam's. This is the easiest and prettiest way I have found to use my large bulk spices.

Our little central zone shall we say. The green papers on the cabinets are Trey and Ellianna's schedule. If I'm gone or we have a babysitter they always know what they are supposed to do. The erase calendar on the back of the wall is normally full but NOT this week!!!! These keeps everyone from asking me what's going on this week! Just look at the calendar and you will know!

Well, that's all for now! Off to finish cleaning!

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