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I'm a stay at home Mom of two children and I have the unique privilege of being able to homeschool both of them. I am a stepmother to two older daughters one who is going to college. I enjoy shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, running, clowning, making soap, playing piano and lately painting with ASCP paint! I am learning to enjoy the little things in life and make the most of it...clinging to my Savior through the tears that life brings and enjoying his GRACE He gives us every day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Who It May Concern

This past week, this past month...perhaps this past year....I have felt the tug of wanting to quit. I really want to quit right now. Yep! In the middle of the fun festivities and the joy of the season I find my joy being stolen, taken hostage and being ripped from me. Yes, I know there are a million verses that say what I'm supposed to do for that. There are a million things that are supposed to keep me from feeling this way...what can I say???

I will just say...right now I'm being attacked...in my ministry, in my relationships, even in my church....I'm being attacked.

Just want you to know...I do hurt, I do bleed, I'm not perfect, I have scars and I'm sure that there are times I deserve hurt.

So, there ya go! That's today.....praying for the healing of my heart today.

Praying that others that are hurting today or just feeling down will realize like me...Satan wants us to feel this way, we are making him happy....but part of me at times....doesn't care.

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