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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Friday, the weather here was fantastic. It was an unheard of fifty some degree day in December! I got the car washed, ran errands, went to a little Christmas party! It was a fabulous day! THEN, the winds came blowing in and with that came SNOW! Most of us living in the midwest love snow and are used to the cold. Most of us love when we have a white Christmas and love to see falling snow and snuggling up warm beside the fire.

However, this girl (that's me) DOES NOT! First of all before you get all your little comments ready at how God's creation is beautiful and we all should enjoy every aspect of it let me just say this......I KNOW that already! However, this is my PERSONAL opinion. I KNOW that it is not the perfect attitude and I'm really striving to work on that....back to me though K?

I drove to church this morning as most of you did that live around here saying "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and being thankful for heat and fleece, and anything that is warm! It was a wonderful eight degrees on the way to church and Ellianna had to sing this morning. I had just washed my car on Friday and of course today its covered in YUCK! However, as I got to church and started to thaw out I became a bit convicted of my "yucky" attitude.

I hate snow for many reasons: the mess it creates, driving in it, shoveling, REPEAT! I don't find it lovely, when I see it falling I just think of all that needs to be done to clean it up. One might say I look at it as falling "ash" YEP! I know....that almost sounds...unamerican! I just think we could enjoy Christmas on a sandy beach just as well as building snowmen!

However, one of the deacons this morning stood up and before offering was being taken he reminded us of all we had to be thankful for and I felt a bit of...GUILT. Here I am whining about my car being dirty but I have a warm home, I have children who are well, my husband's business is well and I get the privilege of homeschooling my children. I was still a bit "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" about the cold but I realized as I looked at my son who was now complaining about it and heard my daughter tell Daddy "Mommy said she hates the snow!" I realized that perhaps keeping my mouth shut about the negative would be a much better idea than the complaining part....because really ......there's nothing to complain about! So, yes, I'll be happy when spring is here and my bones thaw but from now on I'll be keeping my lips tightly closed when it comes to my negative attitude on the snow because soon enough I will be warm again.

As I have heard from some of you reading this who are NOT happy with me.... so I'm trying to be VERY clear! I'm no happy about my BAD attitude. I believe that it is wrong. There are other people who really have things to complain about and being cold isn't really MUCH of a complaint...I'm sorry that some of you didn't realize that in reading this. SO, just to be clear...I was trying to be transparent on how BAD my thoughts were being. So, there ya go! I hope that clears it up! I thought I made that clear but I guess I didn't.

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