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Saturday, January 1, 2011

All It Takes is a BIT of Endurance, Flexibility and?????

Anytime we teach our children a new skill we have them do the same thing over and over again until....they get it! YES, that's what we do! However, I'm amazed that I as an adult seem to miss that very concept most of the time. I start with gusto, I keep going....and then....well...someone gets sick...I get sick......life happens and I'm back in my old rut!

This year I am going to try to succeed with endurance! I have been organizing my house for at least seven years. The thing is...yes I'm organized...but as our children grow and change so does the "organization" that I had in place. To be able to grow and change and to be FLEXIBLE. The chore chart I had for the older girls in the home doesn't work as well as it did for them when they were little...they are a bit past that! So, I had to come up with plans for four different children who are completely DIFFERENT stages of life! What worked for me then doesn't work anymore and the challenge is keeping up with the changes!

I started losing weight in June of last year and worked really hard...then fall came...and Thanksgiving...and Christmas.....and of course the New Year...and I'm cold and hungry and all I want to do is eat and stay under the covers but I know as soon as spring gets here I'll be mad at myself....so I need to get up off the couch and MOVE and do and continue as I have done in the past.

The problem with new resolutions for me is that I haven't completed the ones that I said that I would do in the first place so why in the world would I start something new? This year, I'm really going to strive to continue the "jobs" that I started this summer which include: products in our home that are better for us, food in our home that is healthier and NO PREPACKAGED meals...my meal should NOT come in a box! and to organize my home but be able to do it without costing us a fortune, and last but not least getting rid of those pesky pounds that I'm still not able to shake...I'm shaking it off this time though. Obviously I have left off my spiritual goals as those to me are private and I don't feel that I can share those in a public forum...but please know that those are things I continue to strive to do better.

So, for the new year I'm off and running and hoping that this year I will learn to run the race....WELL and to finish the tasks that I have started!

Happy New Year!

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