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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back To Routine

Our first day back to school and I'm so glad. My children won't admit it I'm sure but they have missed it to:)

My son and I have a goal going on right now....its called "No more negative talk". So, you think it sounds easy? It's not very easy....whoever talks negative first loses the bet and has to pay the other person a certain amount of money.

What scared me the most about this challenge is that both of us lost by 8:35 this morning...obviously we are starting over....but seriously?

Our home should be a place filled with positive words and encouragment. Raising my children in a Christian home I would have thought that I was doing a better job to help them with the negativity...but isn't it so easy to add humor to a negative word and make fun of another one in the home and pass it off as "humor"? What messages are we sending if we let our children and ourselves use sarcasm constantly and to each other. We are teaching them to constantly pull each other down with the end result being building ourselves up with an approved "laugh".

I have goals for this year: losing weight, organizing my home, cleaning and eating with products that are better for our environment and ourselves and I'm using DRASTIC measures to accomplish all of these things including running less errands so that more money is spent wisely....Trust me! I've got BIG plans for this year....but when it comes to the negative, whiny, yelling, sarcastic tones that are being set in our home....shouldn't that be dealt with DRASTICALLY!

We have challenges in our home that most people don't have and can't understand. WE have two stepdaughters who go to public school and are here a little less than half the time. This arrangement makes life difficult for all involved because just doing a simple plan can turn into a huge "planning nightmare" When most people plan for a family outing they check the calendar and then just...GO...we don't have that luxury. We have to plan the day, the time, and sometimes its such a hassle we just don't do it. It's so easy for me to resent the situation.....however that's not a positive environment for my children nor my stepchildren and causes hurt between my husband and I. My point being this....we as mothers have a VERY big opportunity: We are the ones that set the tone for our home....We are the ones that make life happen!

I kept thinking about what wouldn't get done if I wasn't around and I started laughing to myself, here's a short list just to make you smile: the toilet paper would forever sit on the back of the toilet or the top of the toilet paper holder, Ellianna's hair would forever be in her face, the dog would starve, Trey's hair would forever stick up everywhere and one would be able to find him wearing white socks with dress shoes on sunday morning. Our kitchen would be a disaster and there would be nothing in the cabinets just all strewn out all over the counter....and the bathroom? I shudder to think:) So, as much importance as we play for our home to be clean, organized, food prepared, lunches made, children groomed, etc. We should be more concerned with the "attitude" of our home not just the cleanliness of it. I assure you that I'm aware of how desperate this situation is in my own home.

So, I'll let you know who wins the "negative" game!

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