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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Biggest Challenge EVER!!!!

This will be a long post....this will be a scary at times post.......you may want to shut your eyes for some of this.

I have lived in this house for two 1/2 years. I had always thought of myself as organized but after today....oh my! Since we live in a older home and by old its over a 100 years old it has LOTS of charm...but NOT lots of space for say a...organization. IT lacks STORAGE! So, I have been pondering this for some time and since I joined the 21 days of organizing I knew I HAD to do it this time.

The first thing I did was look at what I have...not a lot but hey! Then I thought about how I used the space because if you organize it how I do but don't use it that way the space won't work for you. So, first I will show you the pics that WERE NOT WORKING for me!

Most people have a "closet" I do not. When you open my basement door from my kitchen it is a stairway to the basement where my laundry is kept. For me, it was the perfect place for canned goods and lots of other things as you can see.

This is a weird little place that is above your head when you walk down the stairs...MUST be careful what you put here!

Then I have this weird "second pantry" at the bottom of the stairs which has turned into a place for all things "forgotten."

This is at the base of my stairs....the "scary" basement. You realize that NONE of my best gal pals have EVER been allowed to see this!

What can I say the holidays have been BRUTAL!

My "extra" drinks will stay very "chilled" right here. Those of you who don't live in older homes don't get that....lets just say they will have the "right out of the fridge feel".

I found these adorable containers in the dollar aisle at Target and LOVE Them. I tried to put the kids stuff on the same shelf so they would be able to see all the things that were offered to them at once.

"Did you ever know that your my HERO"...a song I sing to my labelmaker!!!!

I'm still singing!

Like many of you I buy in bulk. So, what I did was leave two cans of whatever at the "first" pantry and brought the "extra" and put down here. That way when I know its gone from the second pantry its time to restock which freed space up at the first pantry....its a beautiful thing I promise!

Space cleared and ready for my new Mrs. Meyers products that I bought in bulk from Amazon...I'm just a teensy bit excited:)

My laundry area. Someday we will paint and put dry lock up for the old basement and put shelving in...until that day....we make do with other things!

ok there's a LOT going on in the photo so try NOT to fall asleep. First of all I have one section where I have kitchen things I don't use everyday. I have my crockpots, my foodsaver and my chocolate fountain and other things that I use for parties. I then have my second section which is all my clown supplies. I know not most of you have clown supplies but I DO and they made me happy to organize. Also, the third section has my bags, tissue paper and ribbon and the other shelves have plastic cups, bowls, etc all labeled and happy. The bottom section has my "take to party" stuff...cupcake holders, cake, warm carrier for casseroles etc. Why I had this in my kitchen I don't know but they have a better home here.

My four dollar planter that I found at Hobby Lobby last year that holds ALL my utensils!

This is where my little "easy bake" oven used to be. We only use it in the summer and I haven't used it hardly at all this winter. So, it went downstairs. Now since I make bread almost every day I put a huge container for the flour and ingredients there. Leaving more space for baking.

With the toaster oven being gone from the other side I was able to find a better home for my "baby". This gives me room to prepare and also I have a place to grow fresh spices now.

This is very much how this space looks at all times now. Fruit in easy reach for the kiddos and the drinks and chips below.

I hope this gave you some great ideas on how to "organize" your space.

Now, I haven't had lunch or breakfast...and its almost time for dinner...better get to it!!!

Have a great day!


  1. All I can say is WOW!

  2. Great job using what you have and making it work! Looks fantastic.

  3. Love those little nooks in old houses for storage! We used to live in an old house. I swear, one of our friends had a stairway shelving area exactly like that!! Off to look at more of your blog.