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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Bowl Full of Lemons Weekly Challenges

Many of you know the 21 Days of Organizing that I did...if you don't here's a recap:

First I organized ALL my Christmas Decorations....which consisted of a HUGE purge of decorations we haven't used in ten years. I organized by room and labeled EVERYTHING. It literally took me nine hours and I organized the decorations for our store! GLAD to have my labelmaker...which I adore!

Then I cleaned my oven which I posted pics of earlier...with my awesome Scour Off from Shaklee which did an AMAZING job...then I totally reorganized my whole entire kitchen ....which I have pics of in a previous post.

THEN, I did the mother load:

Since this pic was taken I have found containers for those things not "containerized" they look so much prettier now!

I kept waiting for a day to organize my clown supplies...but she never had one? So I had to do it myself. So I also got the laundry room, the gift bags, the EVERYTHING organized downstairs which included two pantries.

Also, not pictured: my linen closet, under my sink, my medicine cabinets, under my bathroom sink....and the toys....I got rid of a lot, also got rid of a toy "organizer" that wasn't really helping us and have new plans for her room. I'm turning Ellianna's closet into a toy cabinet and on the lookout for an aimore.

So, January was a perfect month to do this...plus watching so many people's blogs. I even came up with an adorable idea on how to store ribbon! The process is ongoing but I LOVE it and I greatly love hearing my kids and husband say thank you for making their lives easier and able to find things they are looking for....gives me a "feel good kinda YES!" little attitude!

So, I say all that to say that I encourage you all to click on the button on my blog for the weekly challenges. I'm positive you will be so GLAD you did!

More details tomorrow! Have a lovely evening!

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