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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can you Tell Me How to Get to Simple?

Today is my last day before my routine begins again and I have missed it so. The older girls have been with us for the last two days and my hubby as had off for the last four days. It's been nice having everyone here but I'm happy to re-claim our routine and today is cleaning day and getting files etc. straightened out and the rest of Christmas decorations labeled etc.....basically a busy day getting stuff taken care of before we start back to school tomorrow.

However, lately I have heard of nothing else but "Simplify, simplify, simplify!" So much so that I'm beginning to wonder if I even know how anymore. Last night as I lay in bed....and I went to bed early by the way...11pm that is...my mind kept racing as to all the things that had to be done and hoping I would remember to put them on the list this morning. Then, I kept thinking of all the things I do....Mom, wife, teacher, piano teacher, stepmom, bookkeeper of our store, decorator of our store, CEO of our household...includes cleaning, cooking, shopping, paying bills for home and store, clowning, work in various ministries of our church, caretaker of our children and our poor dog. So, with that very long list and yes, I'm sure I left something out I kept thinking....simplify......there has to be room to do it...somewhere in there...?

Finally the realization I have come to, and in talking to a few of you who are working on the same thing, I have decided that I can't quit cooking, or cleaning or any of the duties that I have listed here...BUT I can keep doing my "freezer" cooking and I can have different days that I clean and what I do on those days and I CAN say no to more tasks that are asked of me....it seems that SIMPLIFY will take on different meaning to different people and for now.....SIMPLIFY to me.....it means grocery shopping online and having those things delivered to my home, doing a lot of shopping online for other things, running errands only once a week or when we are out because of gymnastics, etc. It means organizing and purging my home so that we are NOT controlled by STUFF....it means teaching myself and my children that living the "good life" doesn't necessarily mean you have EVERY single NEW gadget that is out there!

So, today.....turn on your K-LOVE and think of how you and your routine can become better friends to make your life SIMPLE!

Have a great day!

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