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Monday, January 24, 2011

HomeSchooling Preschoolers...or in my case...my Ellie!

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would work best for my Ellianna who will be four in May. She is the kind of child that will NOT do something and then one day...she does it all...it all clicks. This is very frustrating to me to have two children that learn and think completely differently. Trey is complete textbook....he gets things easily...is a great reader...likes math, loves science and history. Ellianna...total hands on...LOVES art! I have to do things to learn them...lectures never did much good for me. I had to DO it, see it, FEEL it! So, after buying two different complete curriculum....here is my story....I try to make myself feel better by knowing that I spent the money that I would have paid for a month of preschool and I can sell the material...still annoying!

So the first thing I did was buy Timeberdoodle books which are great. They teach her colors, shapes, cutting, and gluing...they are great worksheets and she loves how bright and colorful they are.

We then bought preschool curriculum from Rod and Staff which I liked very much...we LOVE the Bible stories! We use this still but some of the worksheets were too hard for her until now so we come back and then stop for awhile....this curriculum is like $15 and its awesome!

Seriously, she LOVES to color this and then we say her Bible verse when she is done!

Meet my new best friend! She is lovely and grey and she does amazing things....she is my laminator!

If you don't have one of these I highly recommend you purchase them because they are amazing and they are very cheap...this one was 28.75 and the pouches I bought for 50 pouches was $14 but on Amazon you can get them for as low as $10 for 50 pouches and when you buy them...you can do the following:

I downloaded this material from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com for $10 and it is fabulous...there is a TON of things. I still haven't got it all printed out and laminated but we have several things we are enjoying as we go!

THEN we found curriculum at for FREE at www.moomootutu.blogspot.com and its adorable. I printed it out and laminated it and Ellianna LOVES it!

So my lesson learned? There are great, creative resources out there that are sometimes even free or at the very least very minimal in price that are the most effective. When your children are young and just beginning to learn buying a huge expensive curriculum is rarely ideal. I probably will not be able to use very many things that I'm using for Trey for Ellianna because their learning style is so different. I will be able to use the spelling...because it is awesome! I use All About Spelling by Marie Rippel. She is AMAZING....I will also use curriculum from Susan Wise Bauer!

So happy homeschooling!!!! Today was a very good day!!!! YEAH!!!!!

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