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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I could Challenge you to one thing......

I don't like to get on a soapbox often but when I do I feel pretty strongly about it to do so.

For me, for at least the last four years I have dedicated my time at home to listen to only christian music. I'm not here to get into a fight about what's right or wrong or what christian music is deemed "right". I'm here to tell you what worked for ME! Being home all day can lead many of us down the wrong road, whether it be the sin of using our time unwisely...or watching day time shows we shouldn't...Oprah and Dr. Phil have nothing to tell me that's going to lead me closer to God....in fact quite the opposite. We live in a very "serve me" society. What will make MY life best is what many people strive for but what we read, listen to, watch...it can make us soo hard. It can make us look at things with tainted glasses....and NOT be able to see the absolute "pit" that our kids and ourselves can so easily fall into.

For me and my family....we have pretty much done away with television....in September we will be able to get rid of DirectTV which we had to take over for Mark's mother (long story) but I can honestly tell you the only thing we watch is football on Sunday....the rest of the time its NetFlix...my Ellianna doesn't even know what a commercial is. The television is NOT on during the day unless Ellianna is watching a Dora off of NetFlix or Trey is taking a break watching a History show also off on Netflix. What has made the biggest difference for me personally is that I have completely and totally done away with secular music in our home...I listen to K-Love or 88.5 EVERY single day. To have God's music playing in my ear constantly is the best place for me to be. I can no longer even dabble in those things of this world...its so easy to step back into the thinking of this world....to fall into its grasp.

I tell my stepdaughters that this world has nothing to offer you....it will only hurt you....it will never give you JOY...never give you TRUE JOY! You think that it will but it won't. What would happen if we as parents started doing the unthinkable.....take charge of what goes on in our homes...eliminate the influences that HARM our children's spiritual well being....I find no greater joy than to hear my children sing along with K-love and hear them say their prayers. I assure you that I'm not saying my children are perfect.....pretty sure those who know me know that's true but its their TRUE heart that I'm concerned about. I can't protect them from all things.....they will hear bad words when we are out in public...they will see those that do things that they shouldn't but as long as I set a good example for them and point them to our Savior....I pray that they will "see" my example and follow me.

That's a scary thing when you say it out loud isn't it? "Follow Me" I pray that they will have a good example to follow.

May His name be praised!

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