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Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm NOT the Queen!

I like this picture. IT makes me happy. It makes me WARM...see I'm wearing short sleeves!

Many of you have been making awesome comments to me about my new quest to organize and how you wish you could do it to. I'm not the queen....there are many blogs that I follow and I would say....they are the MAJOR queens. Even their pics are amazing...but hey...I do try!

For me, it has been a process of a year. It first started with me getting all my rooms painted and decorated. I had to "live" in the space before I could start buying and doing etc. The one mistake that I made when I moved into this house was buying rugs. The last house we had carpet and this house was wood floors throughout and I had a baby...ok she was 15 mos. and I wanted her to be able to have something soft to land on...so I have two area rugs that I don't like but they are only two 1 /2 years old and if I bought new....well....that is not a hill that I feel like dying on right now so to speak!

Last year, I decided to finally get my decorations for store and home all organized in the attic....this year I finally got it completely done the way I wanted to. I also had to get a filing system in place and I had to get the paper flow around here taken care of. Once those things were done I could start with the other things. The point is this....organization is constant...life is constant....kids grow up and out of things. We have a HUGE sale every six months. Right now my basement is SPILLING over with things that I need to take to GoodWill. NOrmally I would let most of this stuff be in my front porch sale but I'm going to start giving some of it away because I can't take it for another five months. I do have a place in our basement that is designated the "garage sale pile."

For those of you just starting...I would suggest find an area that is driving you crazy the most. Once you succeed with that...move on to the next project. The linen closet, my dresser, the coat closet...my bathroom shelves...those are projects that took like twenty minutes. My basement and my two "pantries" took me four hours. I knew it would be long and planned accordingly. My kitchen re-arranging of cabinets also took days to do. I would suggest a labelmaker that just makes life so easy. I would also suggest going and buying containers...you can get them rather cheap if you know where to look. Target HAS some ADORABLE ones as I know that the Dollar Tree does to.

My house isn't perfect. We have one more room in the basement that is a DISASTER. I'm also on the hunt for an old "armoire" for Ellianna's room so that I can make that her closet since her closet is such a joke I'm going to transform that itty bitty thing into a toy closet...but I have to find the "armoire" that needs some love.

I'm also so excited about getting my laminator. I had absolutely NO idea how much I would need one. I have a ton of stuff to laminate. Looking forward to getting it soon.

So girls. Look on my blog list for more great ideas and just keep taking it one day at a time!

Love ya all! Thanks so much for your positive feedback!

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