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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mrs. Meyers....how I love thee

As most of you know who know me well....when I get excited about a product...I get REALLY excited!

Lately, I've been organizing and purging like a crazy. I then found, quite by accident Shaklee products and am in ABSOLUTE LOVE with Basic H2. It is an amazing product. I have given or used up pretty much all my cleaners and window cleaners and am just using this for cleaning all my stainless steel, my counters, tables, all glass and mirrors in the house....best of all I hardly use any of the concentrate when I refill my bottles. At this rate the same cleaner will last me a year at least. When I run out I just grab the concentrate put just a couple of drops in the bottles and fill with water. I can't get over how well it cleans EVERYTHING!

So, my cleaners are gone from the house with nasty chemicals....and I thought what else can I change? Then I found Mrs. Meyers. So, for the Segrist house we have the Basil scent which smells glorious! I have the dishwasher tabs, the hand lotion and I also have the toilet bowl cleaner. I buy in bulk from Amazon and get free shipping. My favorite scents are Basil and Geranium. I have the toilet bowl cleaner in lemon verbena and geranium and the geranium is my favorite. Next month I will change our fabric softner and detergent to Mrs. Meyers. I also have done away with Glad plug ins around the house. Mrs. Meyers has the same thing also.

So, since we are a house with allergies and asthma I'm doing everything I can to keep a clean, great smelling house without the use of chemicals.

I'm a new Number one fan!

Have a great day! Hope its not snowing where you live because it definitely is HERE in Missouri!!!!

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