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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My childhood home...

This picture doesn't really show you the amazing house that I grew up in as a 12 yr old and on. My parents have ten acres which has a nice house sitting on it and it also has a another garage with a apartment on top. It was a great place to grow up and I was able to ride my motorcycle around the property as well as enjoy the pool in our backyard.

My parents are getting ready to sell their home...the property is getting to be to much for my parents to keep up. At first when they told me this I was happy for them. It will be nice for my Dad not to have to constantly mow all the time but the more I thought about it the more I became sad about it. This house has so many memories....my memories.

This house is where I brought my first boyfriend home, where I brought my college friends home, where I brought my fiance home and had my engagement pics taken in the living room....my bridal pics taken on the front porch with the pond in the background. This was my haven for when I was without a home for myself and my son and the soft place I landed when life was unbelievably hard and unbearable. This house has been the only home that my children have known as "grandparents house". This is where my family gathers for holidays, this is where my sisters scream at each other.....and then laugh together. This house has been filled with laughter, tears and always VERY LOUD! This house has been the scene for ping pong tournaments, and cookouts with pool "water ballet"...yes, it was very exciting to see! We are quite talented. This house marks my first wreck....with my Dad's new truck which involved....the passenger door....NO I'm not telling you more! This is where I learned to ride a motorcycle and loved it and almost ran it into the pond...but didn't! This property marks when my Mother set about seven acres on fire while burning the trash:)

So, this house will soon be a house for others to make memories in but when I go by to see it I will always remember....that it was home for me!!!

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