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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Cleaing Schedule...I know...boring???

A couple of years ago I read a book...can't even remember what the name of it was but basically it was about how that cleaning could totally "consume" you. I could totally relate to that and this was my way of "calming" that inner insanity!!!

When I worked at our store full time I had one day off besides Sunday and I devoted that to cleaning and errands...not much of a day off eh? Then, we had Ellianna and I was home all the time but still couldn't get it all worked out...then we added homeschooling and I figured I BETTER get it down so here's the schedule that keeps me and my house sane...now don't get me wrong there are times that if you come here there will be princesses strung out all over the floor and our kitchen table is always covered with books until 2pm and a basket of crayons is there usually all day BUT....this is my schedule:


1. Clean two baths-our bath and the main floor bath.
2. Clean the kitchen floor...today was pointless with the snow...but ya know!
3. Clean the woods first floor.
4. As one of Trey's chores he vacuums first and second floor each day.
5. Laundry of course is a daily thing.
6. Since we normally have gymnastics on Mondays I like to have a "freezer" meal ready to go or something in the crockpot.

1. Normally laundry and vacuuming is all that gets done on this day due to homeschool enrichment classes that go on until five.

1. The kids bath
2. Wood floor cleaner on our steps...they get soooooo gross.
3. Laundry of course!
4. Clean woods on second floor.


1. Dust the whole entire house and clean all glass!
2. Clean kitchen floor again
3. Laundry of course
4. Trey doing vacuuming every day.

1. Touch ups on baths
2. Laundry
3. Errands can be run on this day since its normally a "light" day of school or nothing if we are all caught up.
4. This is also the day that I can normally do "projects".

Saturday and Sunday---usually cooking big freezer meals if need be, laundry, whatever.

Soccer is thrown in there also and Upward Bball and Awana for both children etc.

This schedule is what works for me. It keeps my house orderly but not over the top and I'm not so overwhelmed.

HINT.....I HATE doing windows....I despise it...any great tips out there for this dreaded chore of mine????

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