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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Poor Oven.....oh dear!

My poor oven. I'm one of those with a self-cleaning oven that is terrified to use it! I've used it once. It scares me because it gets so hot. However, we have lived here for two years and now everyone comes to my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I normally have at the most around 20 people. This past Christmas I had a horrible accident with the.....butter....it was ALL over the bottom of my stove. It smoked horribly every time I cooked.....and that's EVERY day. SOOO, I found out about some products from shaklee that are better for my home and the lady was having a challenge and this product is what got me interested in trying her products!

I'm very much liking them after my experience today!

Here are the pics!

First I spread it all around. I was too embarrassed to take a pic of what the oven looked like before...trust me when I say it was DISGUSTING!

This stuff is wonderful! It smells good, doesn't hurt your skin. I didn't wear gloves and I even touched it with my finger at one point to get in a place I couldn't get otherwise.

I sprayed the top of my stove and even the front of my microwave with Basic H2! Love it!

Shiny top of my oven which was disgusting also and I have my lovely Trapp candle going. I also love to indulge in soy candles by the Soap Lounge made by a local woman here...they are DIVINE!

TAH DAH! Clean oven which equals Happy me:)

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