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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Organizing Our Movies!

I cannot tell you how long this has bugged me! We have Netflix...we really don't buy movies except the ones you can't live without.....for instance we are very much looking forward to Tangled coming out. Regardless on how we buy movies now, we still had a storage problem and being able to find the ones we need when friends come over or we just want to watch a movie. I was tired of movies out of their cases and getting scratched...but still couldn't seem to find a solution.

As you all know I follow the blog A Bowl full of Lemons. I have also discovered I Heart Organizing. If I was better at knowing how to "link" I would provide that for you but I'm new to the blogging world and well....I will just tell you that I have those buttons on my blog for you to just click on but unfortunately until I become more savvy you just have to search...sorry...I am trying!

So, I first bought these amazing containers from the container store...they are not cheap...BUT they are awesome and will last a very long time. They are about $19 bucks each

Oh! IT's sooo cute and can do sooo much! It's a miracle worker really...it can take a pile of this:

Seriously? Can you believe it! Then it can do this:

Which now fit into this...providing more storage for my husband's music in his "music" room

These is where I used to keep ALL the movies and now they just take up that little bit of space. I will buy one more and start putting my disc of photos in them...that I look forward to greatly!

I labeled the top of one of them "MOvies 2" That way they know which list to look at. I downloaded from IHeart Organizing the Movie sheets and then was able to customize them. I then put them in my handy dandy lamintor....now we are SET sister!

Now doesn't that feel good? All in all this project took me 1 hr and 25 min. I know this because I have a three year old and I put on Lion King.....she's very quick to tell me when a movie is over!

Have a groovy weekend and since the weather is keeping us in...why not organize??? It's just a beautiful thing!!!

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