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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still Learning

Hey, I'm off the hook for the next few minutes because I'm writing on my blog and you just need to give me a break...please...I'm asking humbly.

Many of you reading this love snow...you find it breathtakingly beautiful. I'm not going to list all the reasons that I don't like snow but lets just say that if that was sand and not snow and we were on a lovely WARM beach I would be loving life right now...BUT wake up....I live in good ol Missouri!!!

The last two days I have had my stepdaughters here....that's not a bad thing and please don't think that I'm trying to say I don't like them here. However, as every homeschool Mom knows when you have some that homeschool and half that don't it makes snow days VERY interesting. Mainly, the two that do have school are annoyed at the ones that DON'T. That is where I found myself. If this had been March I probably would have been less annoyed but we were finally just getting back in the grooove since Christmas break and I was in NO mood for it.

As luck would have it we got a ton of snow and I still have no idea how I'm going to get all the snow off my van and get its more pathetic non four wheel drive out of the alley but I'm sure we will figure out how someway! Today as I did school with two and cleaned up messes for four I found myself soooooo annoyed! I looked out the window with such disdain at what I saw that if I would have super powers I would have zapped all that snow up in an instant....alas, I don't have super powers and the snow and the cold is here to stay....so I didn't dare voice this underlying hatred of the putrid white that lay everywhere outside, making itself drip all over my clean floors in entryway and kitchen and dog paws....I didn't want to put more money in the negative jar you see. However, I became annoyed at everyone and everything. My little Ellie came over to me and said with her big blue eyes looking up at me "Do you like the snow Mommy? Isn't it soo pretty?" What am I going to say.... I mean, seriously? Then it dawned on me that its all about perspective. Yes, perspective!

So today I did a little cleaning and finished school, made some homemade bread and "allowed" myself a little latte with a little Alice in Wonderland with a little snuggling and tonight probably a little more snuggling. The downstairs organizing will have to wait until its at least double digits. So, between snow covered streets and the negative jar.......I just might "kick" this very bad habit of not being able to learn the value of "flexibility" and "tongue control". So, how bout it? Anyone else need a little snowstorm?

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